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The to-do list is a list of tasks that need completing; useful for those who want to contribute but are unsure of what to do or what needs doing. Users can add more tasks to the to-do list but must be sure that it hasn't already been done, that it isn't in the cancelled tasks section and also isn't on the wanted pages list. After completing a task in the to-do list, please move it to the completed section. If a task is deemed unwanted or unfit for the wiki it should be moved to the cancelled section.


  • Add a Gallery section to each specimen page containing pics of Christmas skins, Summer Sideshow skins, Halloween skins, and original Killing Floor mod skins if available.
  • Develop a unified layout for weapon articles and apply it to them all. Such as:
   Brief description
   1 Statistics
      1.1 Price and Ammunition
      1.2 Damage
   2 Advantages and Disadvantages
      2.1 Advantages
      2.2 Disadvantages
   3 Tactics
   4 Origin

(to make it cleaner and more uniform have the statistics chart off the left while the Price and Ammunition and Damage sections are off to the right of the chart.)

  • Convert mapping articles to use <gallery></gallery> or default sized thumbnails.
  • Merge mapping articles with similar contents.
  • Map description and tactics needed for new maps from the Grindhouse competition.
  • Develop a unified layout for the map articles and apply it to them all. Like
   Brief description 
   1 Map layout
       1.1 Trader locations
       1.2 Historic data (if available)
   2 Defensive positions
   3 Tactics
   4 Gallery
       4.1 Cartography
       4.2 Screenshots
  • Create a KillingFloor.ini page with detailed information about the commands available and the changes possible.
  • Create pages for the 2014 Summer Event maps


  • Add {{DEFAULTSORT:{{PAGENAME}}}} to every article not in the main article space.
  • Rename Category:Advanced Tutorials, Category:Basic Tutorials and Category:Intermediate Tutorials to either:
  • Add a proper How-to Create a Dedicated Server page.
  • Upload screenshots of DJ Scully which doesn't have a horizontal-scroll cursor visible.
  • Change every instance of "clip" to magazine.
  • New map pictures for Icebreaker, Departed, Crash and FilthsCross adding to main page.
  • Assault rifle mag bonuses needs to be written down in the Commando page.
  • The sold price and price for each weapon should be written.
  • A list of squad responses needs completion.
  • New bonuses for the 1004 update of specific perks need to be updated. (Specifically the Commando, Support specialist and Field medic page)
  • Map-specific tactics and description needed.
  • Complete individual perk article descriptions needs to be done. (Field medic, Support specialist, Firebug, Sharpshooter and Commando)
  • Information about the Software development kit (SDK) should be compiled up there.
  • A Console commands article has not been written.
  • Complete and more specific descriptions missing for a few specimens.
  • Description of the Trader is not yet complete.
  • The Trader's quotes from voice clips should be written.
  • The Stalker page is far from complete.
  • The difficulty page has yet to be completed.
  • Picture of the Siren on the main article needed.
  • Pictures of a few specimens are missing.
  • Achievement pictures needed.
  • The Crossbow's description, tactics and advantages & disadvantages has yet to be done.
  • New and more organized main-page is in the works, but you can help out and discuss what should be done.
  • Squad member pictures need to be added.
  • Official map thumbnails needed.
  • Help clear out all the unnecessary capitalisation from the wiki. Needs to be done as soon as possible due to the style guide change.
  • Information about the Killing Floor Modification needed.
  • Example of a full-screen image is needed for the HUD.
  • Pictures of squad members are missing. (except Sergeant Powers, though a smaller sized image would be better)
  • Pictures of specimens on main page are missing.


  • Killing Floor needs more tutorials in the mapping tutorials section.
  • Complete quotes for each squad member's voice clips should be written down in each member's page.