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For the Killing Floor knife, see knife.

The knives, in Killing Floor 2, are basic melee weapons, available to the player based on their selected perk, and all count to their respective perks progress. The controls for each of them are:

  • Primary - fast slash attack, Hold Primary for combo attack.
  • Secondary - heavy slash attack.
  • Alt - block/parry.

Lawnmower Blade[edit]

UI WeaponSelect BerserkerKnife black.png

Yes, it is actually a lawn-mower blade. Enjoy it! —Item description 

The Lawnmower Blade is the Berserker variant.


UI WeaponSelect Knife black.png

Horzine's version of the classic commando knife. —Item description 

The KF-BAR is the Commando variant.

Utility Knife[edit]

UI WeaponSelect DemoKnife black.png

It's a box cutter. Perfect for opening any boxes you may come across on the killing floor. —Item description 

The Utility Knife is the Demolitionist variant.

Fireman's Knife[edit]

UI WeaponSelect FirebugKnife black.png

It's a firemans knife. You're a fireman, so we're assuming that we do not need to explain to you how to use it. —Item description 

The Fireman's Knife is the Firebug variant.

Bowie Knife[edit]

UI WeaponSelect GunslingerKnife black.png

The over-sized knife of the Old West. Perfect for slicing and dicing Zeds in the here and now. —Item description 

The Bowie Knife is the Gunslinger variant.


UI WeaponSelect MedicKnife black.png

It's a scalpel. You're a medic, so we're assuming that we do not need to explain to you how to use it. —Item description 

The Scalpel is the field medic variant. It has neon blue glowing parts like all other field medic equipment.


UI WeaponSelect SharpshooterKnife black.png

The Kukri is the Sharpshooter variant. It is likely a reference to Team Fortress 2, where the Sniper character uses a kukri as a melee weapon.


UI WeaponSelect SupportKnife black.png

Don't go feeling all special just because we gave you the biggest knife. —Item description 

The Machete is the Support variant. It based heavily on the Gerber Gator Machete line.

Tactical Knife[edit]

The Tactical Knife is the SWAT variant.