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For the Killing Floor 2 weapon, see Winchester 1894.
Lever-action rifle
Trader Winchester.png
Pricing: £200 (£150)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 10 Hud Single Bullet.png 70 (80)
Ammo cost: £20 – £160
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The lever-action rifle is the cheapest available primary weapon. It's a popular choice among sharpshooters due to its relatively decent rate of fire, decent damage, and its price. It has good iron-sights and hip-fire effect, which makes some players prefer this weapon to the Crossbow for the visibility it affords. Its low price means a player can nearly always afford the weapon and ammo for it. Compared to the M14 it has a slower rate of fire, half the ammunition, takes longer to reload, costs a great deal less to buy, deals nearly double damage, and has a slightly lower headshot multiplier of x2.0 to the M14's x2.25, the crossbows' x4 and higher compared to x1.1 of most other weapons. The lever-action rifle can be found in default weapon spawns on maps.


Level Base damage Head damage Rate of fire (s) Reload time (s)
Base 140 280 0.97 0.67
0 140 308 0.97 0.67
1 140 338 0.88 0.61
2 140 386 0.81 0.56
3 140 436 0.74 0.51
4 140 509 0.69 0.48
5 140 630 0.65 0.44
6 140 672 0.6 0.42


Per shot, the lever-action rifle is substantially more powerful than the M14 EBR; dealing a base damage of 140 per shot to the M14's 80, only limited by its low capacity and lengthy reload time. Rifle has a distinctive 0.9 second delay between shots as its base value and takes 0.67 second to load up a single bullet. When emptied, rifle can not be fired from the hip until at least 2 shots slid into the tube. Reloading sequence can be interrupted at any time by going down on iron sights or firing otherwise but when emptied it requires to go down on iron sights first to interrupt first two shots loading in for an emergency shot.

Sharpshooter gains faster reload bonus to reduce the time required to slide a bullet in the tube down to 0.41 seconds while also gaining a hidden bonus for ejecting empty casings to reduce delay between shots down to 0.6 second. Only perk to reload it faster beside Sharpshooter, is the Commando perk, reducing loading time per bullet down to 0.494 second and reducing fire delay to 0.72 second. Emptied fully by a level 6 sharpshooter, rifle deals 1400 damage just by bodyshots over the course of 5.44 seconds, netting 257 damage per second before reload. For any other off perk user, except Commando, this takes 8.7 seconds to shoot every bullet out of the tube, netting barely 160 damage per second before reload.

Rifle has a 2.0x headshot multiplier at its base which can be improved by Sharpshooter perk bonuses up to 4.8x at level 6. By headshots a level 6 sharpshooter capable of dealing 6720 damage total considering he/she never misses. For any other perk that reduced down to 2800 damage over the course of 10 shots.

Price and Ammunition[edit]

The Lever-action rifle always costs £200 with no discounts from perk bonus. Its bullets always cost 2£ each with no discounts from perk bonuses again. The sharpshooter spawns with Lever-action rifle at level 5. Rifle tube can hold up to 10 shots and comes with 30 spare bullets when bought initially which maxes out at 70 reserve ammo.


  • The most newbie friendly weapon to get warmed for the ongoing challenges. It's dirt-cheap, very accurate and very powerful compared to other moderate weight rifles and assault rifles. Can be incorporated to any perk's loadout when the right weapon paired with it and can replace any expensive weapon until you have money to do acquire it.
  • The very low price and high potential damage output make this weapon desirable for other perks, such as the Field medic, Berserker or Commando. One of the hardest hitting rifles out there with only 200£ price tag and a generous headshot multiplier of 2.0x. However, its weight may be an issue.
  • The reload process is interruptible, much like the Shotgun's and Combat Shotgun's. It is advantageous to reload whenever possible, as firing or aiming down the sights will instantly stop the process. When kiting around, capability of loading extra shots might save you from getting wailed upon as you reload or getting cornered.
  • Thanks to its raise animation frames are missing, just like MAC-10, it allows the bearer to stack nades two times faster when wielded. This is not entirely a desired feat for some perks as their grenade capacity is limited but it would come handy when you need some suppression against a large group as you retreat.
  • At the long range, ideal for threat removal with dead accurate sights. Even off-perk pretty ideal for decapping Sirens and Husks, at any given difficulty one-shots Crawlers and quickly dispatches the lot of em from range. Starting from level 4, rifle's headshot damage become high enough to one headshot any medium threat at any difficulty.
  • Sharpshooter gains reload and secretly fire rate bonus for every level. That's because Sharp also gets a bonus from handling the lever faster to eject the brass jacket as well. When paired with any pistol or M14 for fending the small trash and Fleshpounds, Lever-action can be kept for dealing bigger targets or spared for Scrakes, Husk and Siren.
  • When used off perk, Lever-action rifle still capable of packing a punch by flinch locking Scrakes with no penalties in high difficulties unlike melee weapons and can stun Husks upon a headshot if not enough to outright killing them. At any given difficulty Lever-action rifle can finish medium threats like Siren and Husk in two headshots at off perk use, one shots Crawlers and flinches Scrakes on a headshot. At the hands of a sufficiently leveled on Sharpshooter, a single headshot from the Lever-action can deal 672 damage per headshot; enough to kill any medium specimens.
  • Rifle is capable of killing any big specimen such as Scrake or Fleshpound when used on perk. In the former case, a level 6 Sharpshooter can successively stun a Scrake with headshots until it dies from up to 5 rounds depending on the difficulty. Lower level Sharpshooters starting from level 4, is capable of causing heavy flinches to override Scrake's enrage trigger. The Fleshpound is more difficult at medium perk levels because it has a 25% headshot resistance to rifle headshots; it's suggested that Sharpshooter who tries to handle Fleshpound with rifle must be level 5-6.
  • As a level 5-6 Sharpshooter, the lever-action rifle is capable of inflicting comparable DPS to the Crossbow against the Fleshpound, even on Hell on Earth difficulty. It is possible to kill a Fleshpound with at most 7 consecutive rapid head shots from the lever-action rifle as a level 5-6 but this comes with the immense recoil per shot and a delicate accuracy that can be interrupted by any trash specimen.
  • Lever-action Rifle can not pierce targets like Crossbow however it's accurate and strong enough to nail a headshot while jumping. This comes with practice and experience at observing the target's movement to lead the shot precisely on their throat. Jumping headshots can be used to drop medium threats such as Husk and Siren behind a crowded trash specimen group to have sights on them or snapping at a stunned Scrake which you struggle to finish without getting overwhelmed.
  • Due to it being unable to pierce the targets, it's not a suitable weapon of choice at the Patriarch wave. Regardless of perk level, Sharpshooter or off-perk have to stand at a safe pace before they start firing their Lever-action Rifle at the Patriarch. While rifle is powerful on headshots, any kind of miss or failing to take cover would be severely punished by Patriarch as it's still slow to stack damage. Someone have to manipulate and keep Patriarch busy if one wants any chance to deal him proper damage with a mere rifle. Alternative approach is kiting him and this won't last long as he can cover the ground quickly until your perk is highly mobile else you can use the terrain to your advantage.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Very cheap, can be bought with starting money;
  • Can often be found lying around the map;
  • Very accurate;
  • Interruptible reload, easy to sustain fire;
  • Very high single target damage per shot;
  • When wielded, quick taps to grenade button allow you to stack blasts;
  • Reliably decapitates specimens with headshots;
  • Can lock a Scrake in a mini flinch state even off-perked without penalties if accurate on headshots;
  • Onperk headshots can heavy flinch a Scrake at level 4;
  • Onperk headshots stun a Scrake at by level 6;
  • Fleshpounds have only 25% resistance to its bullets on headshot;
  • Stuns a Husk with a headshot even from off perk;
  • Can stun a Stalker or Clot with a bodyshot;
  • One-shots a Crawler at any given difficulty.


  • Limited fire rate off-perk;
  • Slow reload off-perk;
  • Contant need of reload in dense chokeholds;
  • Require assist fire or bridging weapon switches to maintain damage output against large crowds;
  • High recoil and high deviation;
  • When emptied, forces two bullets to be reloaded to shoot from hipfire;
  • Rather heavy compared to a pistol;
  • Missing will get brutally punished by big specimen;
  • Stunned specimen will still clog teammates' or behind specimen path;
  • Other onperk weapons are rather more suitable when dealing with big targets;
  • Shots do not pierce, ineffective against Patriarch's minigun stance;
  • Unsuitable for dealing with close up swarms.


  • When equipped, grenades can be thrown three times faster. This is due to the missing raise/lower animations.


The lever-action is based directly off the Winchester Model 1894 with a rear tang peep sight, which usually has a 6 or 7 round internal tube magazine. It featured in the original Killing Floor mod under the name of the Winchester.

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