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The archive of updates in 2011:

13th December 2011[edit]

Game play fixes:

  • Fix for Magnums not getting reload/recoil bonuses for sharpshooter
  • Fix for claymore sword not having the same weight in game as the trader menu
  • Fix for M4203 rounds and M79 rounds being shared online, causing you to double use grenade launcher ammo, as well as some other issues
  • Fixed the problem with grenades, rockets, etc colliding with players on your team and blowing yourself up

Map fixes:

  • Fixed Exploits on KF-IceCave

7th December 2011[edit]

27th October 2011, 1027[edit]

30th July 2011, 1025[edit]

  • Reverted changes for Summer Sideshow event.
  • Added new characters for owning Red Orchestra 2
  • Map updates:

1st July 2011, 1023[edit]

  • Launched the Summer Sideshow Event:
    • New Map, Abusement Park
    • All Specimens have a new model, referencing different circus acts.

17th May 2011, 1022[edit]

  • Reverted GLaDOS Trader to normal Trader.
  • Various map fixes.

12th April 2011, 1020[edit]

1st April 2011, 1018[edit]

11th January 2011, 1017[edit]

  • Reverted specimens from Twisted Christmas to normal.
  • Fixed: Biohazard, Crash, Evil Santa's Lair, Icebreaker and Mountain Pass.
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