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Shortly after the beginning of a wave[edit]

  • I'm moving. See you when you've got the job done.
  • Stay sharp.
  • If you live long enough, I'll be here.
  • Watch out for me, boys.
  • Don't forget about me, boys, come and find me.
  • I've moved, so look out for me.

Shortly before the end of a wave[edit]

  • Lots of lovely guns, just waiting for you.
  • You nearly made it; better get close to me!
  • You've nearly got them all! I want you close, babe.
  • I'm ready and waiting! Watch where you are.
  • Shop'll open soon lads, head this way.

At the end of the wave when the Trader opens[edit]

  • I like the big ones, don't you?
  • The shop is open, boys; come get me!
  • They're all dead! It's time to go shoppin'!
  • Come and get 'em! Lovely big guns!
  • I'll tool you up, just right.

When 30 seconds (i.e. half) of the Trader's opening time is spent[edit]

  • Move it guys. I want to get out of here.
  • Last orders you lot.
  • Clock's runnin'. Get a move on.
  • Shift your arses guys. Time's getting short.
  • Make your mind up quick boys.

If you try to buy a weapon you have insufficient funds for[edit]

  • You ain't got the money for that one babe.
  • Not enough dosh for that one, hun.
  • You'll need more money for that piece.
  • You're jokin' right? You're skint!
  • Guns don't grow on trees, sweety. You'll need more money for that one.

If you try to buy a weapon you don't have the space to carry[edit]

  • That one's too big for you, hun. Sell me something first.
  • You're no Frank Bruno! You can't carry that.
  • You can't carry that, babe, so sell me something first.
  • You're off your rocker! How'd you think you're gonna carry that one?
  • Shame, darlin', but even you can't carry that much.

When the Trader closes at the beginning of a new wave[edit]

  • They're coming! I'm gone.
  • It was fun having you all, but you're on your own for now.
  • Do a good job, and I'll be waiting.
  • That's some good stuff I sold you. Put it to good use.
  • They're guns, boys. You know what to do with 'em.

When the Trader opens before the Patriarch's wave[edit]

  • Something really big's coming. Stock up while you can.
  • This time, buy the really big guns.
  • Everything has to go this time. Rob 'em while you can.
  • I'm not coming back boys, so make the most of it.
  • Last chance, boys. Spend it while you've got it.
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