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The controls of Killing Floor:

Game controls

Action Key 1 Key 2
Open Game Menu Esc None
Use E Z
Drop Cash B None
Take Screenshot F9 None
Pause Game Pause/Break None


Action Key 1 Key 2
Forward W Up
Backward S Down
Strafe Left A Left
Strafe Right D Right
Jump Space Backspace
Crouch Joy 4 None
Toggle Crouch C None
Walk CTRL None
Toggle Strafe ' None


Action Key 1 Key 2
Primary Fire Left Mouse/Mouse 1 Joy 1
Alternative Fire/Flashlight Middle Mouse/Mouse Wheel F24
Reload R None
Quick Iron Sights None None
Toggle Iron Sights Right Mouse/Mouse 2 l
Drop Weapon \ None
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Up /
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Down None
Switch to Best Weapon None None
Switch to Last Weapon None None
Switch to Knife None None
Select Melee Weapons 1 None
Select Secondary Weapons 2 Joy 6
Select Primary Weapons 3 Joy 7
Select Specialty Weapons 4 Joy 8
Select Tools 5 None
Throw Grenade G None
Quick Flashlight F None
Quick Self-Heal Q None


Action Key 1 Key 2
Turn Left None None
Turn Right None None
Look Up None None
Look Down Page Down None
Center View None None
Toggle Third Person Mode (offline only) F4 None
Toggle Camera Mode (offline only) F5 None


Action Key 1 Key 2
Say T None
Team Say Y None
Toggle Voice Commands Menu V None
Activate Microphone Capslock None
Switch to Public Voice Channel Home None
Switch to Local Voice Channel Delete None
Switch to Team Voice Channel End None


Action Key 1 Key 2
Toggle Scoreboard F1 None
Quick Scoreboard Tab None
Open Vote Kick Menu K None


Action Key 1 Key 2
Toggle Console ` (~) None
View Connection Status F6 None
Cancel Pending Connection F10 None
Start Demo Recording None None
Stop Demo Recording None None

Voice commands

Action Key 1 Key 2
Medic None None
Help None None
I need some money None None
Drop a weapon for me None None
Yes None None
No None None
Thanks None None
Sorry None None
Look out None None
Run None None
Wait for me None None
Weld the doors None None
Lets hole up here None None
Follow me None None

Used keys

     Key 1
     Key 2


Bound keys qwerty.png

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