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The following is a list of whitelisted mutators.

Mutators modify various aspects of the game, such as replacing all specimen with a certain specimen, however they need to be whitelisted to allow for perk progression and achievement unlocking. On the Tripwire Interactive forums, a developer would post a thread to allow mod creators to submit their work to be whitelisted. Creators need to submit the mod as well as the coding to be verified. Note that not all mods submitted have been approved for whitelisting. Mods that also needed to be updated, be it a newer version being released or if a mod became broken due to Tripwire's negligence will need to be resubmitted.

Since the game has ceased development, there will no longer be any new whitelisted mutators.

Anything marked in green has been officially integrated into the game.

Whitelisted mutators[edit]

Previously whitelisted[edit]

Some mutators/mods where either broken due to updates over the years or where removed due to farming/exploits. In the update from 29th June 2010, all the specimen replacement mutators originally packaged with the game were removed from the whitelist to prevent people easily experience farming.

Greylisted mutators[edit]

Greylisted mutators disable perk progression, but still allow the use of perks.

Previously blacklisted mutators disable perks altogether and require a game restart to allow their use again and to allow achievements to be acquirable again. Since update 1040 Tripwire had removed blacklisting, automatically making any mutator greylisted.

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