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For the Killing Floor 2 weapon, see M14 EBR (Killing Floor 2).
Trader M14.png
Pricing: £2500 (£1875)
Weight: 8 blocks
Ammo: 20 Hud Ammo Clip.png 7 (160)
Ammo cost: £15 – £120
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An M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle - Semi Auto variant. Equipped with a laser sight. —Trader description 

The M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle is a highly accurate semi-automatic battle rifle designed for sharpshooters. It is largely considered superior to the lever-action rifle due to its higher rate of fire and ammo capacity, its magazine based reload system, and its mounted laser module. However it actually has a considerably lower damage per shot than the lever-action; almost half the damage per shot, although M14 has a unique headshot multiplier of x2.25, unlike the lever-actions' multiplier of x2.0.

The M14's headshot damage capabilities are much less than the Crossbow's, as it has far lower base stats and multipliers. It also cannot penetrate and kill multiple opponents like the Crossbow can. While not even half as damaging per shot, the M14 can be fired much more quickly than the Crossbow, with enough damage to generally surpass the Crossbow in damage per second. This practicality of applied force, coupled with the laser sight, make the M14 more versatile in general use against both weak and strong foes.


The sharpshooter perk gives damage, headshot damage and reload speed bonuses, as well as a discount for the M14 EBR. The damage values can vary up to 15% below the listed values.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Base damage Head damage Reload time (s)
Base 0% £2500 £1875 80 180 3.37
0 10% £2250 £1687 80 198 3.37
1 20% £2000 £1499 80 217 3.06
2 30% £1750 £1312 80 248 2.81
3 40% £1500 £1124 80 280 2.59
4 50% £1250 £937 80 327 2.4
5 60% £1000 £749 80 405 2.24
6 70% £750 £562 80 432 2.1

Price and ammunition[edit]

At £2500 base price the M14 is one of the more expensive weapons in the game, sharing its price tag with the SCARMK17. This price is reduced in intervals of £250 based on your Sharpshooter level down to a current minimum of £750. Since no perk offers changes to ammo capacity or cost for the M14 it remains a static cost of £15 per magazine and £105 for a full refill. When initially bought, M14 comes with 60 bullets total allowing 2 spare magazines with 20 bullets loaded in and carries a total of 8 magazines.


The M14 has a very high potential sustained damage output. It can fire its full load of 20 bullets in 4.75 seconds. And in the hands of a capable level 6 sharpshooter, it can deal up to 8640 damage in this time frame; making it quite impressive compared to performance of Lever-action. For a level 6 sharpshooter, pure headshots deal 1818.95 dps before reload and 1261 dps after reload. However, this figure is over five times lower without headshots, making accuracy a necessity against powerful targets; a feat made easier by the laser module. Without headshots, M14 barely deals about 1600 damage total from 20 shots loaded in magazine dealing 361 dps before a reload and with off-perk use headshots it deals about 3600 damage at most for 757 dps before reload. For after reload figures bodyshots only deal 197.14 damage per second and headshots dealing 443 damage per second after reload.


Due the intrusive nature of the M14's iron-sights they are largely ineffective at short to medium range, necessitating the ability to effectively aim with without them. This is mostly mitigated by the laser module, toggle-able with alt-fire (and needing no power supply), which effectively acts as a crosshair. This allows the weapon to be effective even at short range, where players can easily maintain their fire on a specimen's head.

Most of the time Sharpshooters prefer to pair M14 with Lever-action rifle to take out targets and long ranged threats from a distance and handle big targets easily. M14 can be pretty effective tool for hectic Sharps, while Lever-action Rifle provides amazing sustain for a fending pest away, dual Handcannons or MK23 are viable with it for more mobility also. While the Crossbow and the M99 AMR are best used for taking down powerful foes in a single headshot, the M14 is more general purpose, good at killing lesser beasties while still doing respectable damage to the bigger specimens. Dealing damage spikes in rapid instances instead of slow, accurate single shots, power of M14 lies within' target priority and its large magazine size used in tandem with accurate shots from a safe position.

Against Clots, Crawlers, Stalkers, Gorefasts, and Bloats a single headshot is enough in all situations. For a lvl6 Sharpshooter, only medium threats like Siren and Husk at Hell on Earth with 6 alive players require 2 headshots. With the penalty impacting the headshot damage of 9mm tactical pistol in Hell on Earth, M14 stays as the only reliable way of getting rid of Gorefasts in one shot. When something troubling approaches in the vicinity of lesser threats, Sharpshooter has to drop the most terrifying one first before other specimen got near. Weapon switches to 9mm pistol or another sidearm for managing its reload time is crucial but it may or may not be practical depending on the distance and combined threats closing up. Like many other Sharpshooter rifles, M14 is only as powerful as the arsenal the Sharpshooter chooses.

For bigger targets like Scrakes and Fleshpounds, it may require up to 6-10 headshots as a level 6 sharpshooter, depending on the difficulty level and number of players in the server. Fleshpound has a unique resistance against M14 EBR, Single Piston Long Musket and Lever-action rifle shots of 25%; this is because Fleshpounds have exceptions for head resistance regarding the 1.5x and higher headshot multipliers. For an experienced Sharpshooter a Fleshpound can be taken out in merely 2.25 seconds with 10 accurate headshots at maximum. For low difficulties and lower perk levels this can vary about 15 or so. For the Scrake, 7 headshots at most will be enough to take him down as level 6 Sharpshooter, but he eventually will enrage after 3-4 rapid headshots and start his enraged dash. Use of sidearms are mandatory against multiple big threats to maintain enough rifle ammunition to finish them and target prioritization for smaller, medium threats required. Usually M14 can aggrevate such big threats away from problematic combinations as long as there's enough distance but this would disrupt team composition in the hold spot if handled badly. At short distance confrontations, a rifle Sharpshooter would always appreciate the trash sweeping coming from Support specialist or Commando to thin the crowd.

In Hell on Earth difficulty, the M14 is actually preferred over the Crossbow against Fleshpounds due to their innate resistance to Crossbow headshots and abundant ammo pool to deal with every target. However, the technique to perform the speed-kill has a very little room for error and requires as many as 10 perfectly placed headshots in less than 3 seconds. To achieve that player must watch the Fleshpound's head and keep it under control while it's curling down and fixate the sights when it's letting up a roar. When Fleshpound closes its arms in frustration from incurring damage, it's required to focus shots on its neck and when he whips out his head with a loud roar player should give a brief pauce before focus on infront of its face. Along the shriek animation, Fleshpound also turns his head to left and right, this may cause a careless Sharpshooter to miss the extra shots opportunity if deviation isn't controlled. M14 recoils hastily on rapidfire and that causes the second and after bullets hitting below laser pointer as weapon kicks upwards, so shots must be controlled and be done in a calm manner.

By level 3 perk bonuses from Sharpshooter, a 6-player health Hell on Earth difficulty Fleshpound can be killed in 15 well put headshots but this requires abit of pre-damage. It's possible to kite and pre-damage Fleshpound by single fire taps until the desired distance to start the rifle combo is possible as they don't enrage at the first headshot if taps paced by 2 seconds inbetween. This may require a casual grenade toss for him to evade and reset the sightline timer at long distances with no cover. Higher Sharpshooter levels, such as level 5 and level 4 can do it in 11-12 headshots from M14 respectively and barely different than a level 6. The M14 EBR is a reliable weapon to be targeted at high-mid levels always but at low perk levels the discount gates player off or slows them down until you survive the penultimate wave to boss confrontation.

As for Scrakes, players can walk up to them and mini-flinch them to death with M14 'till their head pop and decapped. Even an off-perk player like a Field Medic or Commando can walk up to a Scrake and flinch lock them with repetitive M14 shots as long as they lead the initial shots properly to control the follow up. Yet, it will take half to nearly entire magazine, up to about 17 headshots, varying on difficulty level and alive player count, unlike a Sharpshooter. Dealing with Scrakes seems abit easier when you estimate the enrage time because they have no rage animation and can be flinched as long as you're accurate. As a high level Sharpshooter, player can harass Scrake from far away to enrage it with flinching headshots to depart away from a threatening looking group of specimen. Controlled shots for mitigating recoil and tracking Scrake's head is required for recovering from recoil of shots and finish him. Long range controlled shots require precision and some forethought for Scrake's potential pathing on his dash as he'll go around specimen and steer.

Against Patriarch, M14 is not a preferable weapon unless you can manipulate his attacks and can take cover properly. When Patriarch spins up minigun, all non-piercing rounds don't work on his head and all piercing rounds work with lower efficiency. For that fact alone, M14 or other non-piercing perk rifles shouldn't be a weapon to be picked in the final boss wave. Being unable to headshot is a huge penalty for Sharpshooter and they can not cover that up with high fire rate or damage over time effects like other perks. Only way to utilize semi-auto or single shot perk rifles properly would be having a reliable teammate who can melee lock Patriarch in position for you to focus on its head. Any instance where Patriarch spins a minigun from distance while you carrying light weight rifles, would either mow you down or send you straight back to cover.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Semi-automatic fire rate;
  • Large 20-round magazine;
  • High damage per second capabilities;
  • Moderately powerful;
  • Cheap magazines;
  • Low spread;
  • High headshot multiplier of 2.25x;
  • Reliably decapitates lesser specimens on headshot;
  • Dispatches medium specimen in 3 headshots at most off perk;
  • Can flinch lock Scrakes on headshot off perk use;
  • Can kill Fleshpound and Scrake when sufficiently leveled on perk;
  • Fleshpound only possess 25% resistance against its headshots;
  • Equipped with a laser sight to aid with accuracy.


  • Expensive for a low-level Sharpshooter;
  • Uninterruptible reload;
  • Long reload delay;
  • High maximum recoil rate;
  • Intrusive iron-sights;
  • Mediocre spread rate per shot;
  • Limited ammo pool of 8 magazines;
  • Precision required for recovery and managing ammo;
  • Shots do not pierce, near useless against Patriarch when he spin up minigun;
  • Less damage per shot than Lever-action rifle or Crossbow.


The M14 EBR as it appears in Killing Floor is based on a heavily customized Mark 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle, missing the scope, pistol grip, and gaining a laser aiming module and a fixed Sage CA-Mandatory Tactical Stock. It is also missing the ability to toggle between semi- and fully-automatic fire, this may be because the weapon appears to be a civilian competition and shooting match rifle, instead of the military-grade battle rifle.

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