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M32 Grenade Launcher
Trader M32.png
Pricing: £4000 (£3000)
Weight: 7 blocks
Ammo: 6 Hud M79.png 30 (36)
Ammo cost: £60 – £360

An advanced semi automatic grenade launcher. Launches high explosive grenades. —Trader description 

The M32 grenade launcher (M32 MGL with Trijicon RX01 red dot sight) is a revolver-style multiple grenade launcher that can be loaded with up to six grenades at once. It is the larger counterpart of the M79 grenade launcher. Their projectiles are equal in power, but the M32 can fire all six grenades in under two seconds, whereas the M79 can only fire one before reloading. Because grenades are reloaded individually, the reload can be interrupted before a full set of grenades have been chambered. Shots should still be carefully considered though, as it takes a comparatively long time to reload and each shot creates a thick smoke cloud on detonation, making it difficult for yourself and/or other players to see approaching enemies.

There is also a "Camo M32" available from the "Camo Weapons DLC". Its statistics are identical to the normal M32.


The demolitions perk receives discounts and damage bonuses with the M32.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Blunt damage
Base 0% £4000 £3000 350 200
0 10% £3600 £2699 367 210
1 20% £3200 £2399 385 220
2 30% £2800 £2099 420 240
3 40% £2400 £1799 455 260
4 50% £2000 £1499 490 280
5 60% £1600 £1199 525 300
6 70% £1200 £899 560 320

Price and ammunition[edit]

The M32 has a base price of £4000 which decreases according to the table shown. It has a drum magazine with 6 grenades and 30 additional grenades can be carried, for a total of 36 shots. At £7-10 per grenade a full load of ammo costs quite some money, especially if taken into account that the Demolition should also buy a few Pipe bombs. So it is of advantage for the team to let the Demolition pick up any found ammo boxes.


Grenade projectiles both deal blunt and explosive damage at range after being armed mid-air. Before arm time at the close distance they only deal blunt damage without setting off for explosion. At its base grenade projectiles deal 200 blunt damage and adds 150 explosion damage when it set off, dealing 350 damage per shot for a total cumulative. Demolition perk bonuses grant increased damage per shot, both improving the damage of blunt impacts and explosion damage. Both blunt impact and explosion damage increases on headshots for 2.0x headshot multiplier and treated as two different hits on damage calculations. It reloads quite slow for 1.63 second for each grenade loaded into the cylinder, taking 9.8 seconds to load all six when emptied. As with every interruptible reload weapon, M32 will not let you fire from the hip until it loads up at least 2 shots into the drum or interrupted by going down at iron sights.

Having 182 repeats per minute fire rate, delays between shots are only as short as 0.33 second and can empty the entire six shot cylinder clip in slightly over one and half seconds (five delays including flight time for arming; 0.3296s * 5 = 1.648~= 1.7s). In that time span by off-perk hands M32 can deal 2100 damage at long distance by direct shots upon targets without any headshots. Any whiff will be at least 57-60% lower than that figure as blunt damage will not be included; this is not considering the damage fall off that explosions might suffer when they barely whiff the target. For a level 6 Demolition Expert, this figure will be 3120 damage in six shots at the same time span with direct hits and excluding any headshots.

At the off perk hands, M32's before reload performance from direct hits is ~1235.3 damage per second; for headshots, this figure simply doubles and can be increased further if head piercing projectile hits a wall nearby the target. At the off perk hands from complete M32 whiffs (shot at the ground nearby specimen) the before reload performance is 57-60% lower, dealing 529.41 damage per second for emptying the whole cylinder. As a level 6 Demolition before reload performance from direct hits become 1976.47 damage per second; for headshots, this figure simply doubles and can be increased further if head piercing projectile hits a wall nearby the target. As a level 6 Demolition, whiffs from M32 deals much lower damage when aimed at the ground, excluding blunt damage and dealing 847 damage per second before reload.


  • Reserve ammunition for large groups or stronger specimens. When firing at long range, remember to compensate for the arc of the grenade's trajectory. If enemies are too close, aim for a wall, ceiling or floor behind them. This will put them in the splash damage and keep you out, and prevent you from wasting the shell with an impact that does not detonate it. For most situations, it can be beneficial to carry a another weapon, such as a MK23 or Lever-action rifle, so that you have an effective short range weapon, for close encounters and tight corners. Providing you have enough team-mates to provide you adequate cover, the M79 can also be carried to provide a backup supply of projectile grenades.
  • The M32 is very effective against the Fleshpound, able to exterminate one with a single drum on any difficulty level. However, this can expend a great deal of ammunition in later waves, making a backup weapon highly valuable. Easiest way to dispatch a Fleshpound by using M32 to is doing a stacking grenade combination then setting them off with M32 blasts, which can vary from player to player. General profound way is not wasting more than two hand grenades against one Fleshpound unless it's really urgent and you need to spare grenade shots from the chamber for an incoming second engage.
  • Avoid using the M32 against the Scrake; because it has a high amount of health, easy to anger, does not have a weakness against explosives and a fast runner that covers great distances once enraged. Especially avoid using handgrenades or any kind of nuke on a calm Scrake, else your reload time will be lengthy and painful at the same time; with the retaliation of Scrake. Demolition Expert only should focus fire Scrake with the help of team in case of an enrage, hand grenades should generally be saved for other specimens. The explosion will also wake the Scrake from it's stun when engaged by Berserker or Sharpshooter in most of the cases. This, combined with the smoke, can hinder other players to deal with the Scrake. When M32 used right and dealt a good heavy-flinch as the enraging hit, it can put Scrake in a comatose like slow-rage state where Scrake looks like it's enraging but running deliberately slow. Slow-rage will require practice and Scrake's full attention to pull perfectly in a moment of desperation. Otherwise it shouldn't be attempted.
  • Due to the large splash damage caused by the explosions and self-damage, the M32 is hazardous to the player at short to medium range. Due to a safety feature of the grenades, however, it can be fired at point-blank range, killing weaker foes by sheer force of the grenade. Regardless, it is less practical than hitting groups at longer ranges, and against stronger specimens, the blunt impact is less than ideal, but may be necessary. As with any explosive, anyone or anything that takes damage but lives through the explosion will burn with a small fire for a few seconds. This deals no damage, but can be useful for tracking invisible specimens, such as the Patriarch and Stalkers, without relying on a Commando.
  • Altough blunt shots do less damage and no splash, unlike explosions blunt shots can deal damage to the head of specimen. This can sometimes be more desirable since one headshot is enough to decapitate a Siren or Husk as a level 6 Demo under any circumstance. Blunt projectiles are powerful enough to decapitate a 6p HoE setup Scrake in 5 headshots and Fleshpound in 7 headshots.
  • A Siren's scream can occasionally neutralize grenades in midair, and a Husk's projectile splash prematurely detonates them. However, M32 projectiles are capable of piercing through Siren's scream and allow Demolition to finish a Fleshpound as long as he/she has a clear sight for him.
  • With a sufficiently high level of Commando, the M32 is one of the best off-perk weapons, in part because of the faster reload speed (up to 35%). While a Commando cannot output as much damage over time as a Demolitions, he can be much more effective against larger specimens, especially the Fleshpound, which assault rifles are weak against.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Does not need to hit a target to detonate; this allows you to shoot at the actual centre of a group;
  • High damage and large blast radius;
  • Headshots will deal double damage and mitigate smoke like other grenade launchers and L.A.W;
  • Can inflict flinch on Scrakes with repetitive shots;
  • Will not detonate on impact at extremely short range, for the operator's safety;
  • At close range will still do effective blunt damage on small targets;
  • Six round fast rotating chamber;
  • Interruptible single shot reload sequence;
  • Clear red dot sight optics on iron sights;
  • Can actively set off thrown hand grenades by splash damage;
  • Fleshpounds have high weakness against its projectiles;
  • Pierces through Siren screams;
  • Can fire off its chamber in less than two seconds for extreme damage.


  • Expensive;
  • When used off-perk, dying is a huge penalty for cost and time loss;
  • Needs to be shot from a safe distance for explosive head to arm;
  • If operator has no trigger discipline, keen on enraging any big target you see right away;
  • Explosions create thick smoke clouds when spammed;
  • Limited ammo pool of 36;
  • Throws off teammate's aim by making big targets move around via splash damage;
  • Slight recoil on follow up shots which can be a problem at long distance;
  • Extremely slow reload to refill a chamber;
  • Shooting any explosive projectile on any fire stream or incendiary projectile cause operator to get hurt;
  • Allies can block the grenade, usually either wasting the grenade or causing damage to the operator. (Fixed in update)


The MilKor M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher is used by the United States Marine Corps. Serving as indirect fire support at the small unit level, the M32 puts more rounds on the enemy faster, enabling Marines to fire and adjust with each shot delivered. Using an advanced firing system, firing the weapon produces a quiet(compared to firearms or mortars), low-pitched "whump" sound, which means the user can fire the weapon at medium-long range without giving up their position.

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