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Trader M99.png
Pricing: £3500 (£2625)
Weight: 13 blocks
Ammo: Hud Single Bullet.png 25  (£250 – £6250)
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M99 50 Caliber Single Shot Sniper Rifle - The ultimate in long range accuracy and knock down power. —Trader description 

The M99 Anti-Materiel Rifle is a sniper rifle that was introduced during the Summer Sideshow 2012 event.


The sharpshooter perk gives various bonuses for the M99 AMR.

The values in this table are derived from the SDK. However, they have not gone through extensive testing & therefore may not be 100% accurate.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Base damage Head damage Reload time (s)
Base 0% £3500 £2625 675 1518 4.38
0 10% £3150 £2362 675 1673 4.38
1 20% £2800 £2099 675 1836 3.98
2 30% £2450 £1837 675 2094 3.65
3 40% £2100 £1574 675 2368 3.37
4 50% £1750 £1312 675 2762 3.13
5 60% £1400 £1049 675 3415 2.92
6 70% £1050 £787 675 3643 2.74

Price and ammunition[edit]

The base price of the M99 AMR is £3500. This can be reduced at intervals of £350 with the Sharpshooter perk, down to £1050 at level 6. The cost of ammunition is £250 per bullet, and £6250 for a full refill. At the initial buy M99 comes with a total of 5 shots free of charge, one loaded and 4 to spare. Sharpshooter perk does not get any discount to the ammunition per level.

Ammunition was much cheaper when the weapon was first released, Originally £20 per round, but increased to £250 by a patch, possibly to balance the power of the rifle making any lower tier weapon obsolete.


The M99 does a base damage of 675 with a 2.25 headshot multiplier. For each target that the bullet penetrates, the bullet loses 20% of its current damage potential; for example, if three targets are struck in the body by one bullet, then the third target receives ⌊675 × 0.82⌋ = 432 damage. This long anti-material rifle has a lengthy reload of 4.376 seconds which can be diminished by Sharpshooter perk bonuses.


Because of the huge cost of ammunition for the M99, it is advised that the Sharpshooter uses the M99 only for the Scrake and Fleshpound when not in a dire situation. It is often necessary for other members of the team to contribute large amounts of money so that the Sharpshooter has enough ammunition for each wave. When you decided to go for this rifle, remember to completely fill your 9mm tactical pistol ammo at least once before buying M99 as pistol ammunition can dry up fast between waves. It is also advised that some ammo boxes scattered around the map spared for Sharpshooter to pick up, as it can save hundreds of pounds, containing two M99 shots worthy of £500. Heading to the trader early enough will give you such opportunities to grab ammo packs and dump the rest at the remaining threats.

If at a dire situation try to buy extra ammunition by guessing the maximum amount of big specimen in a way, nearly exhaust all of its ammunition 'till the end of wave then try to sell and re-buy M99 again. M99 sells for a good amount at level 6 for £787 and can be bought for £1050 again which comes with 5 ammunition loaded in. That means, at the cost of £263 difference which is slightly over a single ammo, re-buying for an empty M99 still means you get one ammo loaded in for almost free of charge. Unless very close to the trader, M99 carrying player shouldn't risk dropping it to grab and sale random weapon spawns. A better approach would be buying this rifle by wave 6 in a medium or long game, and managing it by re-buys along the rest of the rounds and adding one-two extra ammo as wave progress and you see fit. Deciding a re-buy should depend on whether an ammo box acquired on your way to trader to bring ammunition count above 5, would be the right take. If you have no shots left or lower than 2 with one loaded in already as you move to the trader, skip the ammo box for your teammates as you'll re-buy.

Dying with this rifle at hand means a huge economic loss for team and besides brutal firepower. Losing M99 to a simple casualty, wouldn't allow you to recover from the already heavy burden it brought upon the team, going back to the Crossbow might not have the same intended efficiency against multiple big threats as the only Sharpshooter in team. Always remember, it's best to be a second Sharpshooter if you're opted to get this sniper rifle or plan on being around a good Support Specialist and Demolition for dealing with anything where you fall short like mass trash clearing or taking down multiple big targets scattered around. Loading it up fully to leave your team depending on scraps should not be your purpose when you can sustain it longer along the waves with re-buys and minimal help from your teammates by soaring ammo boxes on your way to trader.

If used by a level 5 Sharpshooter, the M99 can kill the Scrake with a single headshot on Hell on Earth difficulty with 6 players, and body shots stun them at any level or off-perk use. The Fleshpound has a 50% damage resistance to the M99 AMR, as is the case for most weapons. It is thus not possible to one-shot a Fleshpound on Hell on Earth difficulty with three or more players, Suicidal with four or more, or Hard with five or six, because its head health exceeds the damage that can be dealt through a single headshot. While playing solo on Beginner difficulty, level 2 Sharpshooter can kill the Patriarch with one headshot.
However, unlike the Compound crossbow, the M99's damage is not reduced against the Scrake or Fleshpound on any high difficulty such as Suicidal or Hell on Earth, making it extremely powerful and worth taking the risk. A level 4 Sharpshooter can one-shot a Scrake on Hell on Earth with 5 players in the server or leave its head health just two 9mm headshots away from a kill on 6 players, and a level 6 Sharpshooter can one-shot a Fleshpound on Hell on Earth with 2 players.

In addition, the M99 can kill many large threats at once, such as multiple Scrakes and Fleshpounds if their heads are aligned. Big specimen aligning for your piercing shots can be a rare occassion and sometimes even come with the cost of massive trash specimen in the vicinity of bigger ones which you shouldn't dare to attack or wait for a grenade barrage to the farthest ones from your fellow teammates with capable perks for them to be aligned. A level 6 sharpshooter can kill up to two Scrakes at once from a single piercing headshot and stun the following third one. Against multiple Fleshpounds, if their head hitboxes align it's possible to dispatch both by 3 shots considering level 6 Sharpshooter never missed and stacked the headshot to both at the very first attempt.

When forced to fire the M99 at lesser specimens, try to take advantage of the bullet's penetration and line up your shots to kill as many as possible. Headshots are not necessary against the Gorefast or any specimen with less health as it can stun them with ease or outright kill them. When you feel like getting swarmed however, the slow reload of M99 can make things turn for the worse. Because the M99 is so heavy, most of the time you will be forced to use the 9mm pistol efficiently or to wield a weak melee weapon like Machete for mobility when swarmed. At a sufficiently high level of Sharpshooter, you can decapitate most specimens with one 9mm shot even on Hell on Earth difficulty and Machete will be sufficient to decapitate basic Clots to keep them away, but you will likely require assistance against the Husk, Siren, or a large group of Crawlers.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Extremely high damage.
  • Larger specimens don't have any resistance against the bullets.
  • Penetrating shots.
  • Equipped with a long-range scope for accuracy.
  • Ability to stun Scrakes & Husks with bodyshots even when used off-perk.


  • Tied for heaviest weapon in the game, leaving only one other block available for non-support perks;
  • Long reload time when low level, or off-perk.
  • Requires reloading after every shot.
  • Most expensive ammunition in the game at £250 per bullet, and £6250 for a full refill.
  • Low ammo count.
  • Certainly needs help of a crowd control class in order to be effective.
  • Huge recoil. Some players may suffer slight disorientation for a split second after each shot.
  • High cost of ammo means its horribly uneconomical to use for anything but the patriarch, and even on harder difficulties, affording the bullets for it will be nearly impossible.


The M99 AMR is a Barrett M99 with an urban grey and black camouflage.

Bugs and exploits[edit]

  • The M99 auto-reloads itself even when another weapon is switched out. This is due to the animation that prevents you from shooting even though the shot is loaded.
  • If shot at a door, the bullet will get stuck in it for a short period of time before disappearing. Interacting with the door before the bullet vanishes will release it and continue its travel.
  • Sometimes, when video settings-scope details are set to Model (Low/High), aiming down the sights will cause the scope lens to be blacked out, causing zero visibility through the scope and it becomes virtually useless at aiming. This can be fixed by setting video settings-scope detail to Textured.
  • If a Sharpshooter Rank 6 fires this weapon, they will notice the recoil is only slightly reduced, and instead the muzzle climb is slowed down.
  • Scope bug fix by TheFear: open file \KillingFloor\System\KillingFloor.ini with any text editor. Find and replace UseStencil=True with UseStencil=False.

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