Martel Halliday

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Martel Halliday
Halliday Portrait.png

Martel Halliday is the unsee-able, non-playable character in Fright Yard, Objective Mode. He was added in the 2013 halloween update, Hillbilly Horror Fright Yard. You have to perform different tasks for him to complete the map. The only rendition of him we see is his portrait.

Halliday is the first, and so far only, NPC to be hostile to the player. Unlike Ringmaster Lockheart, Halliday becomes more aggressive as the game progresses. He exhibits psychopathic tendencies, placing the player in danger for his amusement, and attacking the player directly with shipboard artillery during the Patriarch battle. He is presumably killed at the games end, when his ship explodes.

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