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Field Medic
Medical Syringe
Medical syringe.png
Ammo: Hud Syringe.png 100 (recharges)
Related achievements
Self Medicator.jpg Self Medicator

While you can use your medical syringe to heal your own wounds, it is far more effective when used on a team-mate. —Loading screen tooltip 

The medical syringe is the standard healing tool. It is part of the standard starting equipment for all players. There are two firing modes; primary fire is used to heal 20 HP of other players at the cost of 50 loaded medicine. Alternate fire is used to heal yourself for 20 health or 50 health if used when playing alone, at a cost of 100 loaded medicine; this can also be triggered by the self heal button which defaults to "Q".

The recharge rate of the medicine is around 6% every second. Field medics gain bonuses to the amount healed and the medicine recharge rate, which makes this a more effective tool for healing. Injecting someone with syringe will save time when Medic has to wait out their dart recharging on medic rifles. Healing burning players with either syringe or heal darts will halve the remaining duration of afterburn depending on self splash (7.5 seconds) or Husk inducted (10 seconds) and negate half of the damage over time too.

The medical syringe may be seen lying on the ground as a result of players dying whilst holding it. Attempting to recover it will always result with the "You already have this weapon" message being displayed.


Level Solo play
Team play
Recharge per
Base 50 20 6.67
0 55 22 7.337
1 62 25 8.3375
2 62 25 10.005
3 75 30 11.6725
4 75 30 13.34
5 75 30 16.675
6 87 35 20.01

Syringe have the same charge rate as MP7M and M7A3 with lengthy recover animation for changing the medicine bulb of syringe.

Function times[edit]

Action in seconds
Primary inject Alt self heal
2.8 3.6
Inject delay 0.36 0.1

While animation can be lengthy to recover from, only the inject delay matters for self heal once it connects. For injecting another teammate or for a second injection in quick succession, you have to wait for primary animation to finish. Injection reach range is 70 units.


  • The only way to level Field medic is by healing others, not yourself. While not as fast or potent when another perk is selected, you will still gain towards your field medic perk by healing others.
  • When not fighting, heal your teammates and then yourself. If you can rely on your teammates in battle, heal each other rather than yourself. Since you heal other players for the same amount (20 HP) but at half the cost, your team will be doing twice the healing in the same amount of time, resulting in faster recovery from damage. Additionally, depending on the competence of your team, you may not even need a medic, opening up their perk selection for additional DPS.
  • You can heal yourself with minimal syringe animation/delay (known as insta-heal) by using a console command and a sequence of key presses. Press ~ to open up the console and type "set input q Switchweapon 1 | Quickheal" without the quotes. Now in-game press Q key, three times in quick succession when you are wounded. If done correctly your character will pull out the syringe for a brief moment, heal and then switch to the first melee weapon slot. You can use what ever key you like if you don't want to use Q and you can set it to switch back to any weapon slot. e.g. The command for assigning F to quick-heal and switching back to slot 3 would be "set input f Switchweapon 3 | Quickheal".
  • The 'insta-heal' can also be set up using the console to input the command "Set input q getweapon syringe | onrelease SwitchToLastWeapon | onrelease quickheal" where q is the key you want to bind. To execute it, press and hold down the bound key and release it after you see that the medical syringe has been equipped. This method is easier to execute and has the advantage of re-equipping your previous weapon when finished.
  • If you're not feeling up to messing around with the console or pushing more buttons than you have to, or worse, switching to a weapon that you don't want to switch to and wasting time, you could also just switch weapons immediately after pushing Q.
  • You get money from healing teammates. It's not much, but it adds up on time and if somebody needs money while trader-time you may earn it with healing. Just jump down from some higher point, get falling damage and healed by you mates. Loads of money can be produced this way. This can also be a good way to purchase the potato, however you must get to £70,000 which can take hours. It is worth scavenging weapons and giving all your money to one person too.


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