Mountain Pass

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Mountain Pass
MountainPass 3.jpg
Author: Kevin 'DrGuppy' Butt
Trader: 4 locations
Related achievements
Daytrip.jpg Daytrip
Gone Camping.jpg Gone Camping
Mountaineer.jpg Mountaineer
Park Ranger.jpg Park Ranger

"Earlier this morning, a call came in from dispatch notifying us that a top Horzine scientist was being pursued by police, somewhere in the northern mountains. Then all went silent. Command deemed it necessary to fly in and investigate, despite the early morning fog and our pilot's objections. Looks like he was right, our chopper went down in the forest near the highway. So now we're stranded, our pilot is dead, we've got no backup, and there's no way that howling sound is just the wind."

Mountain Pass is a map by Kevin Butt. It was selected as one of the best maps entered in the Grindhouse map-making competition, and has since been made official with the October 2010 update. It is largely considered to be one of the easiest official maps.

Map layout[edit]

The overall map layout is a large circle with the four Traders on the radius; the campsite, the bridges on the left and right of the downed helicopter, and by the rest stop.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • The rest stop is very defensible with long-range weapons. A Sharpshooter with a Crossbow or M99 and a Firebug with a MAC-10 are especially effective. Most of the specimens must travel a great distance in your line of sight, so the waves are generally slow and large threats can be spotted well before they come close to the team. It is advised that one player be committed to keeping line of sight on the interior of the restroom in order to prevent specimens from spawning inside.
  • Avoid combat near the trees because they obscure your view.
  • A Berserker can run around the forest a bit and reduce the number of weaker specimens before they close in on the team, allowing it to concentrate on taking out larger threats. Husks should be a priority target since they can shoot at players regardless of the trees in the way, making it difficult to retaliate with ranged weapons. Care should be taken not to wander off too far from the team, which tends to happen fairly easily.
  • Specimens will often spawn outside playable boundaries (behind traffic barriers), be cautious when holding position on the road.

Bugs and Exploits[edit]

  • Sometimes the Patriarch may become stuck (collision with terrain),which forces players to search for him and risk getting wiped out.
  • Be careful while going down stairs, there is a glitch on this map. It stops your movement and kills you instantly no matter how much HP or armour is left.


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