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Pack cost: £0.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Mr. Foster, Security Officer Thorne, Lance-Corporal Lee Baron, Mike Noble
Portrait of Mr. Foster. Portrait of Security Officer Thorne. Portrait of Lance-Corporal Lee Baron. Portrait of Mike Noble.

"Nightfall" is a character pack that unlocks four unique playable characters for Killing Floor for the price of £0.99 through the Steam distribution service. It became available for purchase on the 22nd of October in the 1008 patch update alongside the level up free content pack. The characters included are Security Officer Thorne, Mr. Foster, Lance-Corporal Lee Baron and Mike Noble who each come with a unique appearance, whilst slightly resembling the characters of the previous pack Outbreak, and back story but share the two voice actor profiles as all other characters. Both packs offer purely aesthetic changes to the game which are most visible to other players.

Mr. Foster[edit]

Mr. Foster Portrait.jpg The SuperFantastic life of a day trader and evening attraction at London's premiere karaoke bar. It's a shame no publishers are still alive to pick up Foster's half finished autobiography. The final chapter - An Orgy of Skull Cracking and Mutant Warfare in the Big City would have probably rocketed the book to the top of the best seller lists. Mr Foster.jpg

Security Officer Thorne[edit]

Security Officer Thorne Portrait.jpg Horzine pays the bills. The wife is happy because we can eat again. I get to drink again. I'm happy. Salary bonus? Sure! I says. Experimental whats-its? Don't mind if I do. Should a seen it coming.Shoulda looked at the bigger picture. On the bright side, I can bend things real good now. Metal, bones. anything. And the rats they throw me is tasty. I bet that science guy would be real tasty too. When I get out of here I'm gonna to tear off a little piece of him. Stupid science guy. Lee Baron.jpg

Lance-Corporal Lee Baron[edit]

Lance-Corporal Lee Baron Portrait.jpg What are the chances of a major downtown bomb-threat and a flesh eating mutant invasion occurring on the same day? Pretty good, apparently. The corporal's suit keeps him safe from flying debris, but the claws and teeth on those monsters rip right through it. Experience has taught him to put a little distance between himself and these flesh craving goons. As well as a pipe-bomb or three. Officer Thorne.jpg

Mike Noble[edit]

Mike Noble Portrait.jpg When all that is left of your girl-friend are her partly-chewed legs, you have to wonder what sort of rave it had been. The wide variety of monster-things chasing you around in your skeletor costume make that pretty clear. While most people would wind up as a canape for said monsters, luckily some latent psychopathic streak seems to have kicked in when our boy Mike found that nice, shiny Katana. Mike Noble.jpg
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