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Pack cost: £0.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Agent Wilkes, Foundry Worker Aldridge, DJ Scully, Dr. Gary Glover
Portrait of Agent Wilkes. Portrait of Foundry Worker Aldridge. Portrait of DJ Scully. Portrait of Dr. Gary Glover.

"Outbreak" is a character pack that unlocks four unique playable characters for Killing Floor for the price of £1.49 through steam. Once you have bought the pack, they become selectable in-game through the character selection screen. The pack was first introduced on the 24th of July 2009 in the 1005 update. The characters included are Agent Wilkes, Foundry Worker Aldridge, DJ Scully and Dr. Gary Clover who each come with a unique appearance and back story but share the two voice actor profiles as all other characters. A second pack dubbed Nightfall was released some months later on the 22nd of October with the 1008 update. Both packs offer purely aesthetic changes to the game which are most visible to other players.

Agent Wilkes[edit]

Agent Wilkes Portrait.jpg Publicly, Horzine Industries was hard at work fulfilling a MOD contract to develop the world's most advanced combat armor. Privately, they were cloning a subterranean army of violent and unfortunate looking servants. As Wilkes will testify, having found and liberated their Mark 7 suit, they were great at multitasking. Agent.jpg

Foundry Worker Aldridge[edit]

Foundry Worker Aldridge Portrait.jpg When you're being paid more than three times the expected salary for unskilled labor, you learn not to ask questions. When inhuman screams can be heard from further down the assembly line, you close the door and take a lunch break. When the door flies off its hinges and a mangled combination of man and machine comes charging in - lunch break is over. Worker.jpg

DJ Scully[edit]

DJ Skully Portrait.jpg DJ Scully was AWOL from the military and spending his nights in the London underground spinning dark drum and bass, working under the table for the many clubs in London. During one of his sets he witnessed all his fans get shredded to pieces by a giant creature with flesh blenders for hands. These unfortunate events have thrust him back into the combat he was running away from. DJskully.jpg

Dr. Gary Glover[edit]

Dr. Gary Glover Portrait.jpg As one of the only survivors from the Horzine Biotics Labs staff, Dr. Glover had a major hand in creating the horror that is now tearing London apart. As hard as he tries, he can't put this genie back in the bottle - not even with a double barreled shotgun. GaryGlover.jpg

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