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Ms. Clamely
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Pack cost: Free (Unlock) – (Steam)
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Rachel Clamely (also known as Ms. Clamely), is a major character in the main Killing Floor universe. She appears as a out-of-bounds NPC in Transit's Objective Mode. She was added during the "End of the Line" update of summer 2014. You have to perform different tasks for her to complete the map.

She is the daughter of Kevin Clamely and the older sister to her deceased younger brother. Unlike the rest of her family, she is actual on the good side and hopes to stop her father's evil plans.

Playable Character Profile[edit]

Msclamley portrait.png Rachel Clamley's father, Kevin, was not around in her formative years. Rachel was raised by various well-compensated relatives in Boston, Montreal and Manchester. Academically, she turned to science, following in her father's footsteps. Some would say, seeking his approval. When she was accepted to the National Labs in London, she hoped to get some time with her father. What she got was Zeds and a madman. Rachel Clamely.png
Doctor WHO??.jpg
Doctor WHO??
Transit - Get all Objective achievements AND beat KFO Transit on Hard or above to unlock Dr Rachel Clamely.

Role as a NPC[edit]

Contains Spoilers

18 days after the Horzine incident at West London, Rachel was to meet with her father in a London train station. Unfortunately, Kevin was setting up explosives for any authorities coming to stop him. She then hides in a secret room located somewhere in the underground. When the soldier(s) arrive, she ask for their assistance in helping her destroy her father's underground lab. Through out the story, she guides and watches the player(s) proceed through the underground lab until the end where its revealed that the Patriarch was also a mass produced clone all along. While the player(s) go to the train going towards Paris, Rachel stays behind.


  • In the game files, text, names, etc, her name is misspelled as Clamley.
  • The NPC version uses a higher resolution texture then the playable version. Users can simply edited Rachel's .upl file and enable the higher res version to be used instead.
  • Up until the "End of the Line" update, there was never any word that Kevin had any other children.
  • In Rachel's playable version texture file, there are 2 unused images of Rachel. The developers could have at one point allow the player choice between using her actual voice actress (from Transit) or sticking with the generic female British voice.
  • Apperently, she has always wanted to say "Please mind the gap".


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