Ringmaster Lockheart

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Ringmaster Lockheart
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Ringmaster Lockheart is the non-playable character in Steamland's Objective Mode. He was added in the 2013 Summer update, The Summer Sideshow: Pier Of Pain. You have to perform different tasks for him to complete the map.

Roll as a NPC[edit]

Contains spoilers

Ringmaster Lockheart is the owner of the carnival theme park "Steamland", which operates in a very polluted area in the coast somewhere in England. Lockheart locks himself in his own park by breaking the breaker boxes located outside the park to prevent the horde of specimen (or circus freaks) invading into his wonderland and killing him. He offers the arriving heroes pounds of solid gold bricks in exchange for a safe escorting to his airship. Unfortunately for him, the enemies still found a way inside and attacked him, because of this (and most likely his old age and the pollution) he often needs to take frequent breaks.

Eventually the soldier(s) get him to the pier where the location of his airship is. He then stays and rest at the pier while he has the players tasked in finding and returning the golden bricks to him. Once he has received his gold, he rewards the player by giving each British pounds instead of the gold bars themselves. Being happy with how everything ended, he leaves off with his airship and leaves the soldier(s) to fend themselves off from the final horde of creatures coming towards them.


  • Lockheart was most likely based on the British Ringmaster, George Claude Lockhart, though this is not official.
  • Lockheart is the 11th Steampunk based character in the game, this excludes any enemies.
  • He never bothered to ask the Trader for any assistance, even though she is residing in his park and even acknowledges her by saying "Grab all the ammunition you can - and don't spare the cost!".
  • His favortive attraction is "The Golden Monocle Casino".
  • Lockheart is voiced by Jason Douglas, also known for BORDERLANDS 2 (Krieg), DRAGON BALL SUPER (Beerus), and THE WALKING DEAD (Tobin).


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