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DAR Pack
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Pack cost: £2.99 – (Steam)
Includes: DAR
Portrait of DAR.

The Robot Special character pack was implemented as DLC during the Twisted Christmas event on the 13.12.12 and unlocks a single character skin called 'DAR' (abbreviated for Domestic Assistance Robot). Unlike the previous character packs, this is the first one to include a non-human playable skin.


Horzine's Domestic Assistant Robot (or DAR, duh...) is designed to help clean up around the home. But, as well as advanced programming designed for cleaning teenager's bedrooms, "DARling" (as Dr. Tamm keeps referring to it) has somehow downloaded an experimental top secret personality constructed by its creator. Meant for inclusion in his off-the-books Brenda Companion Robot, it's loaded with all kinds of odd human mating information that doesn't blend well with the existing core data. DAR now struggles to reconcile its desire to clean up freaks with an equally powerful need to go on a hot date with Dr. Tamm. DAR BIO Pic.png
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