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UI PerkIcon SWAT black.png

The SWAT is a perk for Killing Floor 2. The SWAT specializes in submachine guns and armor, with skills focusing on both stumbling zeds and armor abilities.

XP Objectives[edit]

  • Dealing SWAT weapon damage
  • Killing Clots with SWAT weapons

Perk Bonuses[edit]

  • Perk Weapon Damage (1% / Level)
  • Bullet Resistance (5% + 1% / Level)
  • Increased Mag Size (4% / Level)
  • Weapon Switch Speed


5 Specialization
Heavy Armor Training
While you have body armor, you only take Health damage from sonic attacks and clots can't grab you. You begin each game with 50% Armor.
Tactical Movement
No movement penalty for using iron sights or crouch movement.
10 Assault Techniques
Close Combat Training
Increase damage with your 9mm pistol and knife 100%. You begin each game with dual 9mm pistols.
Tactical Reload
Increase reload speed with perk weapons.
15 Equipment
Suppression Rounds
Increase stumble power 100% with all perk weapons.
Ammo Vest
Carry up to 30% more ammo for each perk weapon.
20 Defensive Techniques
Assault Armor
Maximum Armor increases by 50%. You begin each game with 50% Armor, which stacks with Armor gained from Heavy Armor Training.
Multiple hits with perk weapons will slow Zeds down up to 30%. Hitting the legs is most effective.
25 Specialist Training
ZED TIME - Battering Ram
During Zed time, you move in real-time and have massive knockdown power when you run into a Zed.
ZED TIME - Rapid Assault
During Zed time, when using perk weapons you have unlimited ammo, shoot in near real-time and increase stumble power by 100%.

Starting loadout[edit]

MP7 SMG 9mm pistol
Hud Default black.png UI WeaponSelect 9mm black.png
Tactical Knife Flashbang Grenade
Hud Default black.png Hud Default black.png

Perk weapons[edit]

Tactical Knife MP7 SMG MP5RAS SMG P90 SMG Kriss SMG Flashbang Grenade
Hud Default black.png Hud Default black.png Hud Default black.png Hud Default black.png Hud Default black.png Hud Default black.png