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Base statistics:
Bounty: £75
Health: 1000 (+500)
Damage: 20
Movement speeds:
Walking: 85
Charging: 297.5
Swimming: 75
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The Scrake. Yes, that is a chainsaw he's carrying. Nothing subtle about him! —Loading screen tip. 

The Scrake is a large specimen equipped with a chainsaw. It lumbers along unsteadily towards its target, and tends to charge after taking sufficient damage. The Scrake is like a more powerful, albeit slower, version of the Gorefast. In combat, the Scrake is capable of delivering a series of extremely deadly blows from its chainsaw arm, which tends to catch the victim's body and pull him in closer. Its skin is like a thick, leathery hide, and as a result, it is highly resistant to small firearms.

There is an unofficial Scrakes-only mutator called Chainsaw Massacre, of pending white list status.<ref>Chainsaw Massacre - Scrakes only - Tripwire Interactive Forums</ref>


The Scrake's appearance during the Hillbilly Horror update.


The Scrake appears as a tall male wearing bloody medical scrubs, an earloop mask, and a rubber glove on his left hand. A chainsaw is in place of his right hand.


During the Twisted Christmas event, the Scrake was reskinned into Jack Frost (See picture). For the Summer Sideshow event, the Scrake was reskinned into "the Incredible Man Monkey", a psychotic man in a giant cymbal monkey costume bearing big, beady, demented eyes, quoting lines from psychotic movies and making circus puns such as: "Organs for the grinder, Organs for the Organ Grinder!", "This sh*t is bananas", "Mother says I'm allowed to have the applesauce.", "and not a single f*ck was given that day.". For the Halloween Sideshow event, the Scrake was reskinned into the "Extraordinary Rabbit," a man in a rabbit costume with a psychotic grin and a pink-and-white shirt and pink-and-white shorts, it is based off the Man Monkey. During the Hillbilly Horror Event, a newer version of the Halloween event, the Scrake was reskinned into a lumberjack with a boar's head, known as Cousin Otis. The boar's head more than likely represents his sexual nature, as he makes sexual quotes such as: "I bet you squeal like a pig *squeal*" and "Them panties, *snort* take 'em off." Also to represent his pig-like nature as he will often squeal or snort. All three times, he retained the Chainsaw arm, apart from the Twisted Christmas event, in which the Scrake utilizes a frost saw.


The Scrake's behaviour and abilities are similar to the Gorefast's; it picks a target based on proximity, and may change target based on the actions of the players to charge and chase them. After spawning, it walks at a slow pace towards their target. The main difference is its conditions for charging players, which is based primarily on its health and the current difficulty of the game; the harder the difficulty and lower the player count, the more likely they are to charge the players upon enduring damage. As alive player count in the map is dwindling the new spawning Scrakes will have their health backscaled and become more susceptible to rage at any weak attack that doesn't kill them.

A Scrake, starts charging when it reaches 50% health threshold and doesn't slow down unless flinched or stunned; in high difficulties, they start their enraged charge at 75% health threshold. Its modes of attack are very similar to those of the Chainsaw that players can carry, and it favours the powerful swinging attack when something angers him. When enraged, he rushes at target, slams his Chainsaw twice followed by a mow down to the target's guts. At this state, trying to get away from Scrake is not recommended and ill advised as each step you take away from Scrake will result in him catching up and slashing his Chainsaw twice again which deals more damage than his mow down state. Before the enraged state they show signs of losing temper, as they lose their 10% of maximum health or more, they do small dashes to nearby players instead of waiting them to get to their attack distance then get to calm down a while, until picking another target that provokes him.

In original KFmod of UT2k4 sometimes, the Scrake can say humourous quotes such as "April Fools." and "I like trousers".

The Scrake as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

Historic data[edit]

Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to the Scrake as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

The Scrake's behaviour was almost identical in the Killing Floor mod (the scrake could not "rage" but it could grab the player), however, there were several key differences in its appearance. The most noticeable was its face, which resembled classic depictions of Frankenstein's monster with its skin even bearing greenish tinge, beneath all the blood. Its chainsaw was attached to its left arm instead of its right, and it wore what resembled a grimy butcher's apron instead of the medical scrubs and face mask worn by its successor.


The original story behind the Scrake is that it was designed to be the perfect field medic, able to take hideous amounts of pain while working on their patients in the field. While it was considered success because the Scrake could take an absolutely astounding amount of damage, it was considered a horrible failure at the same time. He could only learn by having wounds inflicted on himself, and much like the Gorefast, he became quite interested in pain.


Main article: Scrake extermination tactics

The large amount of health the Scrake possesses can make it a troublesome beast to overcome. Assuming normal difficulty, he gains 500 hit points on top of his base of 1000 per additional player on the server. The upshot of this is that with three players on the server he can easily survive the blast from a pipe bomb, and come out the other end within its charge threshold. If the Scrake starts running prior to going within a pipe bombs range, the pipe bomb will go off too late and the Scrake will avoid a large portion of the damage. For this reason it is often advisable to open fire following the explosion to maximize damage.

Unloading a full magazine from any of the £2500+ weapons will be more than enough to take it down under most circumstances and, as always aiming for the head (or upper torso with the M32 or L.A.W.) is advised to maximize damage. Dual handcannons, the crossbow and the hunting shotgun are also effective weapons for taking out the Scrake with their various tactics for use. While the L.A.W. is a very effective weapon against the Scrake; it is not considered a cost-effective strategy due to the cost of the rockets and the Scrake's bounty.

In addition, if enough damage is inflicted in a single hit, Scrakes can be "stunned", rendering him immobile and unable to attack for a few seconds, or "flinched", rendering him unable to attack momentarily but still able to move. Testing have shown that 667 damage or higher is needed to stun a Scrake and it will be mini flinched if an attack does more than 150 damage to briefly make him unable to attack. Flinch duration can increase if damage dealt is over 500, called heavy flinch that can override some enrage mechanics. Also, when it's completely burnt by high enough afterburn damage as he's about to enrage, similar to the heavy flinch mechanic, it can hinder the Scrake's ability to run towards the player, making it easier to take him down. Due to the "single hit" criteria for flinch and stun, any of the Shotgun type weapons cannot be used to stun or flinch him, since the damage is spread out among individual, weaker pellet shots.

A tactic often used by Berserkers playing on lower difficulty levels would be to repeatedly flinch a Scrake using a Katana, preventing it from retaliating by chaining the flinching attacks. However, this tactic cannot be used on Suicidal difficulty and above, since Scrakes gain a short inner cooldown against melee attack type flinches on that difficulty. Ranged weapons, while remaining capable of flinch-locking a Scrake on higher difficulty levels, are a somewhat riskier alternative as headshots are often required to exceed the damage threshold for flinching and the danger of not being able to kill the Scrake before needing to reload when missed. Players are advised not to use small arms fire on Scrakes that are being flinched as doing so will break the flinch and endanger the player who is flinch-locking the Scrake.

Stunning a scrake can be done off-perk by powerful weapons such as L.A.W, Pipe bomb, M99 AMR, Husk Fireball Launcher charged shots or Buzzsaw Bow and Crossbow headshots. Off-perk crossbow users should note however, that scrakes gain a 50% resistance to crossbow headshots on Suicidal difficulty and above and this render the crossbow incapable of stunning a scrake on these difficulty levels. Some off-perk melee weapons are also capable of exceeding the damage threshold required for stunning by hitting the scrake's head from behind with a powerful alt-fire attack, combining the melee backstab multiplier and the headshot multipler together for x2.2 times to x2.5 times the normal damage. Since there are no limits to the number of times a Scrake can be stunned on Suicidal and HoE difficulty levels and that shots from small firearm cannot break the stun, it is considered the safer alternative to flinch-locking. Downside of stunning a Scrake is that it completely disables oncoming flinch attempts unless Scrake is stunned by Pipe bombs. Any other fire arm or melee attack, stunning the Scrake will completely deny mini-flinch or heavy flinch attacks following it.

Although the Scrake do not have any special resistance or weakness against explosives, players are advised not to use any explosive weaponry other than the L.A.W or Pipe bombs against them, as explosions will wake the Scrake from its stunned state immediately. Sufficiently leveled a Demolition Expert is able to abuse heavy flinch against Scrake with M32 easily and halt its enrage mechanic but off perk use of any grenade launcher would only mini flinch him and quite slow to finish him at high difficulties with high player counts.

Note that when a Scrake charges at a player, he will swing his chainsaw, then attempt to whittle the player's HP down by shoving his chainsaw into the player. When this does occur, never backpedal, because this would cause the Scrake to continuously swing his chainsaw, causing more damage than if you stood still. It is also easier to hit a stationary Scrake that is sawing a player down than trying to hit one that is running rampantly.


Wave distribution[edit]

The Scrake can start appearing in the middle of the game; appearing the last two waves for short, the last four for medium and the last six in long games.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Patriarch icon 64.png

Total health[edit]

The base hit points of the Scrake is 1000; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 500 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 500 1000 1350 1550 1750
2 750 1500 2025 2325 2625
3 1000 2000 2700 3100 3500
4 1250 2500 3375 3875 4375
5 1500 3000 4050 4650 5250
6 1750 3500 4725 5425 6125

Head health[edit]

The base hit points of the Scrake's head is 650; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 195 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 325 650 878 1008 1138
2 423 845 1141 1310 1479
3 520 1040 1404 1612 1820
4 618 1235 1667 1914 2161
5 715 1430 1931 2217 2503
6 813 1625 2194 2519 2844


Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
£150 £75 £63 £48


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