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KFO-Steamland Screen1.jpg
Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 3 locations
Related achievements
Simplified Force Adhesion Afficianado.jpg Simplified Force Adhesion Afficianado
Oscillating Hydrogen Transition Achiever.jpg Oscillating Hydrogen Transition Achiever
Alpha Wave Osteooxidation Activator.jpg Alpha Wave Osteooxidation Activator
Tachyon Cytoneutralization Explorer.jpg Tachyon Cytoneutralization Explorer
Astro Buffer Afficiando.jpg Astro Buffer Afficiando
Modified Psychoacceleration Achiever.jpg Modified Psychoacceleration Achiever
Fractional Neutron Activator.jpg Fractional Neutron Activator
Advanced Omega Wave Resonance Explorer.jpg Advanced Omega Wave Resonance Explorer

"Lockheart's Steamland is the #1 summer destination for all of England, surpassing other carnival style piers with their greasy chip shops, leaky domes, and bloated ticket prices. Unfortunately, when the Horzine outbreak happened in the off-season, things have gotten, how shall we say, out of hand and a little creepy.'"

Steamland is the latest map released by Tripwire interactive, for the Summer Sideshow 2013 event, Pier of Pain. It is a large, Steampunk-style map, based on a large pier decorated with a Carnival. A Ferris Wheel, named "The Flywheel," is on the far side of the pier, sitting atop a small indoor casino, where one trader location is. It is the basis for the first mission by TI in the official Objective Mode, a mode that takes the player into a new goal-based mode and removing regular wave-based gameplay, requiring the player to eliminate specimen only after certain objectives have been completed. In this gamemode, only minor things in the map are changed in requirement to certain objectives, such as:

  • The Entrance gate is now closed, and the player needs to open it by repairing (welding) the breaker boxes.
  • Some of the posters are removed, revealing golden-colored safes containing-amusingly-gold ingots.

The map also introduces the very first non-playable ally in the game, The Ringmaster, a decrepit old man that the player must protect from specimen, who asks the players to protect him until his steam-powered airship can arrive and extract him from the Pier in return for gold bullion. Also, The Ringmaster only attacks the specimen using his cane if they have him surrounded, doing damage close to that of an off-perk Fire Axe.


  • There are fifty Pukey the Clown dolls hidden and scattered around the map, some even outside the playable boundaries. Destroying all of them unlocks an achievement.
  • It is the first entirely Steampunk-style map in the game.
  • There are three carnival-style mini games the Player can play:
    • Pop the Clot- A classic shooting range game that replaces the targets with regular Clot heads. When the player shoots all of them, a shower of red confetti bursts out from the counter.
    • Strong Man- Three towers with bells at the top, and levers at the bottom. When the player hits these levers with any melee weapon, a small hammer launches up and hits the bell. After hitting all three, blue confetti showers down.
    • Grenade Toss- Three holes behind the counter. the player must throw one grenade into each hole with one throw each. When completed, green confetti explodes from the holes.

Related Achievements[edit]

Objective Mode[edit]

Simplified Force Adhesion Afficianado icon

Simplified Force Adhesion Afficianado

Beat Steamland in Objective Mode on Normal Difficulty.
Oscillating Hydrogen Transition Achiever icon

Oscillating Hydrogen Transition Achiever

Beat Steamland in Objective Mode on Hard Difficulty.
Alpha Wave Osteooxidation Activator icon

Alpha Wave Osteooxidation Activator

Beat Steamland in Objective Mode on Suicidal Difficulty.
Tachyon Cytoneutralization Explorer icon

Tachyon Cytoneutralization Explorer

Beat Steamland in Objective Mode on Hell on Earth Difficulty.

Normal mode[edit]

Astro Buffer Afficiando icon

Astro Buffer Afficiando

Beat Steamland on Normal Difficulty.
Modified Psychoacceleration Achiever icon

Modified Psychoacceleration Achiever

Beat Steamland on Hard Difficulty.
Fractional Neutron Activator icon

Fractional Neutron Activator

Beat Steamland on Suicidal Difficulty.
Advanced Omega Wave Resonance Explorer icon

Advanced Omega Wave Resonance Explorer

Beat Steamland on Hell on Earth Difficulty.

Arcade Gamer icon

Arcade Gamer

Complete the Pop the Clot, the Strong Man and the Grenade Toss games.
Full Charge icon

Full Charge

Have 5 Breaker Boxes 100% repaired at the same time.
Guardian Assault Protector icon

Guardian Assault Protector

Protect the ringmaster during the defense mission so that he does not get hit more than 15 times.
Extended Motion Protector icon

Extended Motion Protector

Protect the Ringmaster during the escort mission so that he does not get hit more than 15 times.
Golden 3 Crown Note icon

Golden 3 Crown Note

Get all 3 gold bars without the carriers taking damage while they have them.

Hide and go Puke icon

Hide and go Puke

Destroy all the Pukey the Clown dolls.
Mrs. Punkd icon

Mrs. Punkd

Get 4 of 6 of the 2013 Summer Event in-game level Achievements, one Standard and one Objective Mode map completion Achievement, plus the Punk'd Achievement to unlock Steampunk Mrs. Foster.

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