Steampunk 2

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Steampunk 2
Steampunk 2.jpg
Pack cost: £0.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Steampunk DJ Scully, Steampunk Demolition, Steampunk Support Specialist, Steampunk Commando
Portrait of Steampunk DJ Scully. Portrait of Steampunk Demolition. Portrait of Steampunk Support Specialist. Portrait of Steampunk Commando.

"Steampunk 2" was the second steam punk themed character pack for Killing Floor, the first being "Steampunk". Both of which unlock four characters for use when purchased through the Steam store for the price of £0.99.

Steampunk DJ Scully[edit]

Steampunk2Skully.png Ex-soldier-turned DJ, Scully's still haunted by the grisly memory of a pounding nightclub transformed into bloody abattoir at the hands of Horzine's monstrosities. Once reluctant hero, now avenging angel, Scully seeks new and steam-powered ways to stick it to the creatures who robbed him of his first ever flawless DJ set. Now Scully destroys evil wherever he finds it, hoping that one day the world will return to normal and that he'll finally get to play the perfect 'killer' set without everyone being gruesomely murdered. Steampunk DJSkully BIO.png

Steampunk Demolition[edit]

Steampunk2demo.png Cheerful, witty and slightly insane, to say Quentin loves blowing things up is an understatement. Raised by an uncle in the demolitions trade, Quentin blew up his first high-rise at the tender age of six and hasn't looked back since, despite losing a leg at nine. His unique expertise helped fuel a celebrated military career which abruptly ended after an unfortunate incident involving five hand grenades, some rope, and the unit commander's pet corgi, Alan. Called back into service for Queen and country to help cleanse the streets of the Horzine outbreak, Quentin's determined to put the past behind him and get on with the job at hand. Steampunk Demolition BIO.png

Steampunk Support Specialist[edit]

Steampunk2supp.png Harold was once a soft-spoken relationship counsellor, he spent his days bringing people together, healing emotional wounds and making the world a better place; with all his clients dead and eaten, Harold now dedicates himself to eradicating the Horzine outbreak, healing the country's wounds by causing them in the undead. Trouble is, Harold's new crusade has loosed a darker side; once dormant, it now gorges itself on the blood and suffering of monstrosities that should not walk the earth. Harold fears he's found his true calling - not healer, but destroyer - flayer of the evil and drinker of their blood. Steampunk Support Specialist BIO.png

Steampunk Commando[edit]

1.png Phil tells anyone who'll listen he's ex-special forces and hardcore to the bone, that the Horzine outbreak's nothing compared to missions he's pulled off in the Middle East... truth is Phil used to stack supermarket shelves, his so-called elite military training's come from endless hours playing every FPS spat out by the games industry and reading every gun nut magazine he could get his hands on. Strange thing is, combine that with a killer workout regime that ensures he's ripped to the max, and Phil's proving to be a pretty damn effective undead killing machine. Steampunk Commando BIO.png
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