Summer Sideshow

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Summer Sideshow
Killing Floor Summer Sideshow 2012.png
Active dates: 30 June – 22 July 2011
5 July – 23 July 2012
2 July – 23 July 2013
Version: 1023, 1024
1035, 1036
1049, 1050
Related achievements
Flea Circus.jpg Flea Circus
Dog and Pony Show.jpg Dog and Pony Show
3 Ring Circus.jpg 3 Ring Circus
On Top of the Big Top.jpg On Top of the Big Top
Ringmaster.jpg Ringmaster
Sparing with a Master.jpg Sparing with a Master
Assistant Homicide.jpg Assistant Homicide
Seeing Double.jpg Seeing Double
Clearing Clown Alley.jpg Clearing Clown Alley
The Big Hunt.jpg The Big Hunt
Lifting a Dumbell.jpg Lifting a Dumbell
Small Hands.jpg Small Hands
Elephant Gun.jpg Elephant Gun
Juggling Act.jpg Juggling Act
Windjammer Enthusiast.jpg Windjammer Enthusiast
Taking Down the Big Top.jpg Taking Down the Big Top
Burning up the Midway.jpg Burning up the Midway
Punk'd.jpg Punk'd
Mrs. Punkd.jpg Mrs. Punkd

The Summer Sideshow is a yearly event that has so far taken place on 30 June–22 July 2011, 5–23 July 2012 and 2-23 July 2013. The original featured a circus themed map Abusement Park and circus themed specimen skins, as well as 18 new achievements. Of these 18 achievements, only the four for completing long games on Abusement Park on the various difficulties can be obtained outside of the event. Completing 10 of the others would trigger the player to unlock Punk'd, and the Steampunk Mr. Foster player character. The second event featured all parts of the first, along with five new weapons; the MK23 pistols, the HSG-1 shotgun, the FNFAL ACOG, the M99 AMR, and the M7A3 medic gun. It also introduced 9 new achievements, 4 of which for completing the new map Hellride, as well as the Urban Nightmare character pack. The third event added new gametype Objective mode, and brand new map called Steamland. It also added 4 new weapons as part of Community Weapon Pack 2; the Single Piston Long Musket, the Multi-Chambered Zed Thrower, the Dr. T's Lead Delivery System, and the Orca Bomb Propeller. Rising Storm owners also got brand new weapon the Rising Storm Tommy gun.

Steampunk Mr. Foster[edit]

Steampunk Mr. Foster Portrait.jpg In some alternate universe, day traders are considered cool and desirable. In that alternate universe they get cool Steampunk gear to wear and don't write sad little autobiographies that no-one cares about. And, just for once, something in the original Foster's mind seems to have leaked over into the real world. Won't he be surprised? Steampunk Mr Foster.png
Unlock 10 of the 13 Circus Achievements along with any Abusement Park achievement.

Steampunk Mrs. Foster[edit]

Steampunk MrsFoster Portrait.png In one of the perverse paradoxes created by weird alternate realities, that place where day traders are hip and trendy seems to have the same effect on their slightly-warped commodity-trader girlfriends. Now who would have guessed that? Steampunk MrsFoster.png
Mrs. Punkd.jpg
Mrs. Punkd
Get 4 of 6 of the 2013 Summer Event in-game level Achievements, one Standard and one Objective Mode map completion Achievement, plus the Punk'd Achievement to unlock Steampunk Mrs. Foster


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