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  • Heal injured allies. You will earn a few pounds, and in terms of medicine consumed, healing allies is 2x more efficient than healing oneself. (With default controls, press "5" once and left-click on your injured ally while next to them.)
  • Help team-mates in danger. If they die, you will have one less gun against the current wave. however, in some cases you can make the situation worse. Like in the case of a Berserker fighting a Flesh Pound. If you shoot him while the Beserker is engaging him, you will enrage the FP, making it harder for the Berserker to kill him.
  • Optimize the use of ammo found on the ground; take it only when you're at least one magazine away from full capacity. Support Specialists and Demolitions generally have the most expensive ammo, so they should be a top priority for grabbing ammo.
  • Stick together. Providing cover for each other aids survival. Lower level perks should cover for the higher level players by covering their backs.
  • Talk to your teammates. Let them know if you need their help, or propose any useful tactics. Whenever possible, use voice chat or voice commands instead of typing.
  • The Patriarch will use his firearms very often and they each inflict severe damage, so there should be cover nearby whenever you fight him. His attacks are cued by his speech.
  • Reload whenever you can. But be careful, some enemies could be just around the corner.
  • Donating to team-mates who are short on cash can help a lot, especially in the later waves, when more firepower is needed. But don't ask for money unless you truly need it as there may be others who actually do. Also, spend your money wisely, don't purchase weapons that are outside of your perk. Example: Using a Flamethrower as Sharpshooter.
  • Save money by looking around for spare ammo, armour or spawned weapons to sell while moving to the Trader.
  • Do not pick up ammo as a Berserker.
  • Husks are generally a very high priority target, due to their range, damage, and ability to sow chaos in the ranks with the flames.Flesh Pounds and Scrakes are actually a low priority target.

1) Husks 2) Sirens 3) Bloats 4) Crawlers 5) Stalkers

  • In the later waves, Fleshpounds can spawn coupled up with Sirens. If you have a chance, first off kill the Sirens without enraging the Fleshpound. After that you can focus on Fleshpound with grenades and pipe bombs safely.
  • Use teamwork, and stick to your perk's role. Each perk has strengths and weaknesses to certain monsters
  • Have at least one escape route. It is possible to be overwhelmed at a location that seems safe.
  • Use iron-sights at any range. They improve your accuracy (unless a shotgun is being used).
  • The Patriarch has only three medical syringes, but even after he uses his last one, don't get excited and get yourself killed. He'll never retreat at this point.
  • Welding is a good idea when you want the zeds to follow a specific path, fortify your position against flanking, or simply create a distraction.
  • When playing solo, it is not recommended to hold one position for an entire wave. It is commonly done in multiplayer, but when alone, you have less firepower and no one to watch your back. Try to be mobile while always looking out for enemies who might attack you from behind or flank you.
  • Everyone should be en route to the Trader whenever there are only a few more specimens left in the wave, unless the Trader is already nearby. This saves time as players don't waste time getting to the Trader. (Trader-time only starts after all the specimens are eliminated).
  • If you don't have all perks at level 5 yet, starting as a Sharpshooter or Berserker can make the first few waves easier and cheaper, as these perks have good bonuses to the starting weapons.
  • Once you reach level 5 in any perk, you will spawn with more equipment if you choose that perk before spawning, making that a good class to pick for the first wave, even if you aren't planning to play it through. The extra equipment will help immensely for the first wave, and can usually be sold for a bit of extra cash.
  • After the start of a wave you have some time to switch your perk. So you can spawn as a level 5 perk with bonus equipment and then switch to Sharpshooter or Berserker to use their bonuses to the starting weapons.
  • Check your team's perks before selecting yours and jumping in. A balanced team is generally better.
  • Switching perks after a wave should not be a flippant decision, as you lose money on equipment you bought then sold, and new equipment can be expensive.
  • Help your teammates level up if it doesn't impact your survival. A Field medic can only level up by healing others, so allow them to do so if it's not an emergency. A Commando needs to kill Stalkers, so if you see them dealing with one, let them kill it unless he is being overwhelmed.
  • The knife's secondary fire (default button: mouse 3), when used against the head, kills Clots instantly up to Suicidal, and decapitates them on Hell on Earth. It can be used to conserve ammunition.
  • Take lag into account. If your ping is over 100, your shots are not going to count instantaneously on the server, and you will find yourself missing many headshots due to specimens bobbing back and forth.
  • Not all weapons are hit-scan (which hit instantly). Some, such as the shotguns and the crossbow have some slight travel time to their projectiles.
  • You can switch away from your medical syringe almost immediately after pressing the self-heal button; waiting for the entire animation to finish is not necessary.
  • The better way to kill a Fleshpounds with weak weapons, is not to rage them by constant shooting, but to shoot them once-twice(depending of the weapon) with short pauses between, in the head.(Lever-Action Rifle, M14EBR, Axe, Katana, Handcannon(s), SCAR, etc.)
  • When using shotguns on Fleshpounds, is better to aim at the chest, not the head, because the shot spread is often wider than the head. Because not all pellets will hit, the shotgun's headshot bonus on Fleshpound is often negligible.
  • The spread of the fired bullets is reduced, when crouched by +15%, when aimed by +50%, and when using single shots (on commando weapons and the M14EBR, while single shot means shot fired with 0.5 seconds buffer) by +15%. The reductions are calculated each time. (Aiming + crouching + single shot = 64% more accurate shots/less spread. This reduction excludes the shotguns, the grenade launchers, the LAW, the flamethrower, and the crossbow, because they are projectile weapons.)
  • When crawlers are right in front of you, or mixed with other zeds, and you don't want to spend time aiming at them, just crouch, fire, and uncrouch.
  • When not using the iron-sights, the shotgun's pellets do not come from the centre of the screen, but from the middle of the 3rd quarter part. That means when shooting (almost) point blank targets, aim a little left to prevent missing. When using its iron-sights, the pellets come from the centre.
  • Shotguns will 100% miss absolute point-blank shots on big targets (Bloat, Husk, Scrake, Fleshpound). When in their melee hitting range, before trying to shoot them, step one move backwards.
  • Should a teammate be surrounded by weaker Zeds, Explosives are a fast and effective way of saving his life, unless friendly fire is enabled on the server. However, should the teammate in question be a Berserker engaging a Scrake, this method should not be used.

Higher Difficulty (Hard+)[edit]

  • Roaming is almost always better than trying to hold one position. On Hard, holding one position is more possible, but often unwise. On Suicidal and Hell on Earth, Scrake and Flesh Pound swarms will simply prove too dangerous for large teams, barring exceptional levels of teamwork and skill.
  • Conventional team formations often go out the window, and thus require more forethought. In other words, if you see a team full of level 6 Berserkers, don't plan on wobbling around with full weight as a non-speed based class. Sometimes people will wait for you, but mostly you'll find yourself perpetually chasing after them, and more often then not, falling victim to the pursuing horde. Conversely, If the entire team appear to be Marksmen, don't be surprised when they get upset by view-blocking grenade smoke and flames.
  • Running off on your own isn't always a bad idea, providing you are the only one who does so. Typically, this occurs when you get isolated by a horde from your team, and must decide between attempting a break through or circling around the level (often a level dependent choice). It is, however, also a viable decision if you run out of ammo, as you are likely near-useless to the team in such a situation, and thus taking the extra risk to find more ammo in the level and link back up with the team can improve the overall situation. In either case, you'll rarely encounter Zeds, as they seek the group at large. There is, however, a danger of running into Zeds on their way to the group (especially on small or highly confined levels), so be forewarned.
  • Above all, don't play on long/big maps unless you're very patient. It isn't terribly uncommon for such games to take well over an hour. Obviously smaller maps will be much faster, but much less forgiving as well.
  • At the start of a game you can pick a high level class for it's weapon, say Sharpshooter for the Crossbow that sells really nicely especially in high difficulty games, and within the first ten seconds change class to Berserker in order to have a higher mobility and under no circumstance lose in the first wave. (This no longer works, the Crossbow now only sells for 225 pounds, same as other weapons, when spawned. However, if you lack another level five or above perk, this can still apply.)


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Perks and achievements[edit]

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