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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Map info (see that page for the template itself).
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page

This template creates a green infobox for maps, official or not.



 {{Map info The part that calls this specific template.

 | name = For use only if the name of the article isn't the same as the name of the map.

 | image = Defines the image used, don't include the [[image: or [[file: prefix.

 | description = Adds a description below the image; rarely necessary.

 | official = 'Yes' or 'No'. If yes sets the default value for the Author field as "Tripwire Interactive". If no enables custom map sections.

 | author = The author of the map.

 | traders = The number of trader shops there are on the map, input as 'N locations' where N is the number of traders. The text links to the section "Trader locations" which should give details on the subject.

 | version = Unofficial only. The version and status of the map (e.g: v2.4 final)

 | whitelist = 'Yes' or 'No'. Unofficial only. Lists the article as white listed or not.

 | downloads = 'Yes' or 'No'. Unofficial only. If no replaces the text in the section with "(Currently unavailable)". Section can be removed if yes.

 | filesize = The file size of the download package, in MB. Unofficial only. Text by default links to the section called "Download links".

 | dl-section = The name of the section of the article with the download links in, if different to "Download links" (case sensitive). Unofficial only. Remove to use the default value.

 | ach1 = The name of the first achievement, as it appears on the achievements article.

 | ach1i = The image for the first achievement, removing the [[file: or [[image: prefix.

 | ach2 = Continuation of the achievements section, final field is ach10.

 | ach2i = Continuation of the achievements section, final field is ach10i.

 }} Closes the template.


For convenience, some common pre-sets of info.

Official maps: Grindhouse maps: Unofficial maps:
{{Map info
| image    = 
| official = yes
| traders  = ? locations
| ach1  = 
| ach1i = 
| ach2  = 
| ach2i = 
| ach3  = 
| ach3i = 
| ach4  = 
| ach4i = 
{{Map info
| image     = 
| official  = yes
| author    = 
| traders   = ? locations

{{Map info
| image     = 
| official  = no
| author    = 
| traders   = ? locations
| version   =
| whitelist =
| downloads =
| filesize  =
| dl-section=

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