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Trader TrenchGun.png
Pricing: £1250 (£937)
Weight: 8 blocks
Ammo: 6 Hud Single Bullet.png 48 (54)
Ammo cost: £20 – £120
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Trench Warfare.jpg Trench Warfare
Fiery Personality.jpg Fiery Personality

The trenchgun is a weapon for the Firebug class. It is a shotgun loaded with special Dragon's Breath shells, allowing its projectiles to light targets on fire. Compared to a standard Shotgun buckshots, Trenchgun shells deal more damage per shot also lights everything on fire while sharing the default 50% pierce efficiency of single cartridge load shotguns. Although its tube capacity is low compared to other counterparts, it retains the all shotgun's high burst damage potential at close range and deals more damage at base. The lingering afterburn damage can not be increased by Firebug perk bonuses, but its impact base damage is about 65% higher at pointblank compared to other standard 12-gauge buckshots.

This makes it far more usable at medium range than Support specialist shotguns, because even though it will not cause as much impact damage, it can light whole groups of enemies on fire to cover for that. Thanks to its pierce and wide spread, at medium distance it can ignite multiple enemies with a single shot while instantly dispatching the weak specimen among the crowd. It allows Firebug to stand at a distance and provide cover fire at a long sightline from a rear position to run up to front when needed to stall a Husk or dispatch a Siren. The low cost and strategic possibilities make this weapon extremely useful to Firebugs, especially when playing alone or with a smaller group.

Unlike the MAC-10, the Trenchgun keeps its incendiary ammunition even when used off-perk. At eight blocks, a Firebug cannot carry a Husk fireball launcher or Flamethrower with this, though the MAC-10 and Flare revolver, which can be carried, complement it well. Some reliably mobile perks like Berserker or Field medic can choose to pick this weapon to kite.


The Firebug perk gives discounts and bonuses to the trenchgun. While damage is not boosted, the support specialist perk still gets increased shot penetration.


Any perk
Pellet damage Burn damage over 10 secs
27 x 14 515-600

Each shell's impact damage is not affected by the Firebug perk. Dragonbreath trench cartridges fire 14 pellets doing 27 damage each totaling to 378 damage per shot with 1.5x headshot multiplier. Base damage of each pellet is 18 but all specimen have weakness against direct hit incendiary projectiles for 50%. Its shells inflict moderate damage and set specimens on fire, dealing additional damage over time. Just like MAC-10, afterburn effects of Trenchgun doesn't scale with firebug level but it grants a faster handling at both reload and fire rate per perk level.

Trenchgun is a cartridge shotgun with 6 shots loaded at once in its tube with standard 50% pierce efficiency shared with other cartridge loaded shotguns. Pierce efficiency can be improved by Support perk, reducing the damage loss down to 4% per target pierced but damage is unaffected. Reloading it will be 5% slower compared to standard Shotgun with 0.7 second per shell loaded at its base which can be improved by Firebug perk. The Firebug perk also receives bonus for loading up Trenchgun up to 60% with level 6, reducing the reload time for single shell down to 0.437 second, which is slightly shorter than half second. Besides Firebug, the Commando perk can slide shells faster, reducing the reload time 0.52 second.

Price and Ammunition[edit]

Level  Discount Price Sale value
Base 0% £1250 £937
0 10% £1125 £843
1 20% £1000 £749
2 30% £875 £655
3 40% £750 £562
4 50% £625 £468
5 60% £500 £374
6 70% £375 £280

Base cost of Trenchgun is £1250 and gets 10% discount per perk level to reduce the cost down to £375. Initially bought it comes with 6 shots loaded and 18 shells on spare to maximize at 48 shots. Firebug perk again grants 10% bonus per level for maximum ammo carried, and increases the maximum ammo pool of Trenchgun to 62 shells at level 6 Firebug. Each six shot worth of shells cost £20 which makes each shell cost about a little over three pounds a piece. Full refill of the weapon costs £160 off perk and at maximum level a complete refill will cost £206.


  • Firing at a large group of specimens from a moderate distance is a good way to soften up or kill many of them before they close in. Although the pellets may not do much damage at that range, the afterburn will kill them or damage them before they get to you. Most of the incendiary pellets will whiff the targets at long distance due moderate spread and that will waste shells just for scoring a few insignificant hits. Using the 9mm tactical pistol or any other reliable sidearm is stronger and far more accurate for targets at long and even medium range compared to a shotgun spread, when aiming for the head.
  • If the first shell does not kill the specimen, it's safer to back up and either fire once the Trenchgun has been cocked again or just wait for the specimen to burn to death. Especially on higher difficulty levels, waiting for enemies to close in and bunch up is a much more efficient use of ammo than picking them off one by one. With practice, you should be able to judge the risk and reward of this technique appropriately. Trenchgun doesn't have any remarkable splash damage to be utilized unlike Flamethrower so, one has to go back and forth at the middle of the team composition. It doesn't require one to be at the front line all the time to shield Husk fire or provide a sustained cover fire for daring teammates. Trenchgun is a slower and safer approach when team already have a frontline defense with a covering perk such as Commando or Support specialist.
  • The Trenchgun is an extremely effective crowd-controller. On any difficulty, you will rarely require more than 2 shots to kill any small specimen. As mentioned before, be wise on ammo usage and position at a middle, rear position to step forward by leaving cover fire to another capable perk. The Trenchgun has an arguably tight spread, allowing you to go mid-range with it fairly well. As it pierces, it can get rid of multiple Crawlers and Stalkers. Wide spread is also useful to stall a large crowd by incapacitating some of the small enemies at the front instead of instantly killing them on the move. When up close however, while damage would be satisfying, it won't pierce at point blank, also faster reload speed or at least toss of a hand grenade for covering reload times is a needed trait to recover from bad positions.
  • The Trenchgun is one of the Firebug's most effective weapons against Husks and Sirens because of its fast reload speed and potential for relatively large damage spikes compared to the Flamethrower and MAC-10. However, it lacks in damage because Trenchgun doesn't benefit from damage bonus per perk level unlike other Firebug weapons beside MAC-10. While it doesn't pack continuous sustain, splash damage, powerful bursts nor its damage benefit from perk levels, Trenchgun meant to watch long distance and provide crowd control for any sort of breach as teammates retreat. This flattened damage bonus actually allowing it to be a reliable across perk weapon while providing kite capabilities when pressured into it.
  • The Trenchgun is still ineffective against the Fleshpound and Scrake on higher difficulty levels, so it is generally wise to let your team initiate the attack on these specimens before enraging them. However, on low difficulties, a Scrake can be killed using one magazine of the Trenchgun, with the appropriate number of players and sufficiently high Firebug perk level. While it's still effective against Scrakes up to a degree, doing so requires Firebug to fully commit to killing Scrake at a large area before it has time to catch up. Firebug has to refrain from litting big targets on small chokes, unless there's a breach and they need an immediate evacuation path for recovery.
  • Reloading the Trenchgun whenever you have the time is important, since the reload time to completely fill it is fairly long. On later waves, you won't have much time to reload between attacking specimens, so timing your reloads with your teammates is essential. Packing a sidearm like MK23, Flare revolver, MAC-10 or a Lever-action rifle is essential to bridge reloads and manage already limited ammo of Trenchgun. A single shot weapon such as Lever-action rifle or a single Flare revolver can initiate a combo with flinch on the Scrake so Trenchgun can finish it.
  • Fleshpounds only should be lit on fire by Trenchgun when team lost their ground, team has enough sightline from a nearby cover once retreated or team is kiting and no one near it to aggrevate right away when it's lit on fire eventually. If team has 5 or 6 seconds until Fleshpound draws near, a paced unleash of 2-3 shots by giving 3 second delays can crisp it completely and sustain the burn for whole team to focus fire him before it's too late. When crisped also lit on fire, Fleshpound will ignore any damage spike that might enrage him otherwise but that should be used as a measure of emergency as it would make most combos either too hard or risky to perform without taking damage, or disrupt them completely by forcing whole team to exhaust their ammunition on one target.
  • The Trenchgun is hardly suitable for Patriarch wave as its close up retaliation is outright lethal if you were to stick around to dump the entire tube load of incendiary shells at him. Trenchgun can be an effective kite or duck and cover weapon if used right. While playing in a large squad, one teammate can decide to keep him busy by making it whiff melee attacks while you hammer the shots down. However, Trenchgun will lose tons of potential damage without going too close and that might end with Patriarch retaliating and killing the player unless distracted. Otherwise, in a one on one situation its slow rate of fire would get you killed without cover or teammates keeping it busy.
  • An effective strategy on Hard difficulty and below is to go for a load-out of a Trenchgun, .44 Magnum and an M79, in that particular order. Using the Trenchgun as a 'primary weapon', the .44 as a weapon dedicated to head shots only, and the M79 coupled with a fire-grenade for emergency or a large area of crowd-control. Note that incendiary weapons are always a hazard for explosive weapon bearers as targets lit on fire will detonate explosive projectiles mid-air before they can reach the safety distance for arming. So unless you're kiting or hold your ground at a huge vast open area, using Flare revolver for detonating incendiary grenades would be much safer if you have the DLC weapons.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Powerful, even as an offperk weapon;
  • Fast reload for Firebugs;
  • Support specialist gains higher damage efficiency on penetration with it;
  • More pellets spread per shot compared to standard buckshot;
  • Higher cumulative damage per shot compared to buckshot base damage;
  • Pierces targets with 50% damage efficiency;
  • Sets any target it pierce through on fire;
  • Generous ammo reserve;
  • No self splash damage;
  • Interruptible reload;
  • Compact and small gun model does not obscure player view.


  • Does the same damage, regardless of level;
  • Firebug doesn't gain any afterburn damage bonus;
  • Support specialist doesn't gain any impact damage bonus;
  • Piercing pellets less likely to set targets on fire unless used by Support specialist;
  • Slow reload when used off-perk;
  • Inaccurate, especially at longer ranges;
  • Ineffective against big specimen such as Scrakes, Fleshpounds and the Patriarch;
  • Pump-action limits rate of fire;
  • Low magazine capacity of only 6;
  • Moderately heavy at 8 blocks;
  • Can only give experience to the Firebug perk.

Bugs and exploits[edit]

  • The HUD shows the flashlight-charge indicator when the Trench Gun is equipped, even though the weapon does not have an attached light. As such, pressing the quick-flashlight button does nothing while the Trench Gun is in the player's hands. This was fixed with the patch from 8th November 2012.
  • If you buy the gun on perk and then swap to a Support Specialist, the gun retains its increased maximum ammo capacity (Untested for other classes). While you cannot buy ammo past 48 shells you can pick up excess from ammo crates.


It is a Winchester Model 1897, a shotgun that gained popularity during World War I, loaded with pyrotechnic rounds.

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