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As in every game, certain things either make it to the final product or not. Sometimes, a game would use a previous game as a base and build on top of that. Killing Floor is no exception to these.

Weapon Weight Cost Sell Value Section Perk
Trader Machete.png Broken Pipe 3 £100 £75 Melee Berserker
Trader First Aid.png First Aid Kit N/A £150 N/A Passive Medic
Trader 9mm.png Machine Pistol 4 £300 £225 Secondary Medic
Trader Bullpup.png Concussion Grenade 10 £400 £300 Melee Commando
Fists 10 Not Buyable Not Sellable Melee Medic
Zed Control Device (Z.C.D.) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Trader Mac 10.png UnSuppressed Mac-10 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Trader MosinNagant.png Mosin Nagant N/A N/A N/A N/A Sharpshooter
Trader MedicNade.png Medic Grenade N/A N/A N/A N/A Medic
Trader CombatShotgun Dragonsbreath.png Dragon's Breath Shotgun N/A N/A N/A N/A Firebug
AS Val N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

First Aid Kit[edit]

A pickup item from the KFMod days. This item does not go into your inventory but is used upon pickup even though it has a selected and unselected icons. Its trader icon and model are those from KFMod and the kit recovers 50hp. This item can still be placed on maps if the creator wishes to do so, much like how you can place ammo for specific weapons. There is also coding to be used for other gamemode types but the other original starting weapons had these codings too. (With the exception of the 4 unused weapons.). Its pickup code is KFMod.FirstAidKit.

Un-Suppressed Mac-10[edit]

During a update, new files for the Mac-10 appeared. It brought a new animation, model, sounds, and a texture files. The models in the animation file included the normal, already released suppressed Mac-10 and a unused UnSuppressed Mac-10. While the animations were the same as the already released ones, there was a new animation called "bash". The bash was to be a new feature, a melee strike with the weapon. The texture files is the same as the one released with a bit more darken. The sound file itself was completely new. Only thing it did not include was any icons or 3rd world models for the UnSuppressed version. Its unknown as to why these were included though the idea for melee weapons was made by a User, seen in this thread.

MedicNade (Beta version)[edit]

Only its trader & menu icon can be found. It appeared during the Twisted Christmas 2011 update. During the next update, TWI removed the animation and sound files for this weapon. Its icons appeared sometime before the Summer Sideshow update of 2012 but did not bring back it's other files. About a few months later during the Hillbilly Horror event, it was offically released. The new grenade called Medic Grenade (In the texture files) also came with a trader icon and select icons but were left unused. The grenade may have been planned to be buyable weapon instead of a perk grenade.

Dragon's Breath Shotgun[edit]

Only its trader/menu icon was made. Its icons appeared sometime before the Summer Sideshow update of 2012. About a few months later during the Hillbilly Horror event the Shotgun was released as the Dragon's Breath Trenchgun. When the Trenchgun was first release, it still had its basic shotgun flashlight coding since it had the hud icon, which was not used.

Other possible weapons[edit]

IJC poll weapons[edit]

IJC held a reward upon reaching 1,000 likes on their official Facebook page on which weapon the community would rather have added into the game officially. Of the choices, it was between the Tommy Gun, the UMP .45, and a RPG-7. Upon the Tommy Gun winning, there was a second poll on whether the Tommy Gun should be a Commando or Firebug weapon.

During the Incinerate 'N Detonate update for Killing Floor 2, the RPG-7 was added into the game.

AS Val[edit]

Unintentionally upload on IJC's official website, a new page appeared under their portfolio section labeled as the AS VAL. In this page, there was only rough sketches to what seemed to be a very worn and heavily damaged gun which would fit the semi-worn grunge look Killing Floor had. Speculation from Tripwire forum users suggested that the weapon could have been for either the Commando as another tier 4 assault rifle, a Sharpshooter semi-auto rifle with a laser attachment, or even as a Field Medic weapon with a medic dart shooter. A day or so later, the page was removed from the website and nothing was heard from since.

Project Santa[edit]

IJC wanted to create a free weapon for the community for the holiday season. A Ice based weapon was one of the first weapon theme suggestions given to them at there official forums. While a majority of weapons were pitched to IJC, the Freezing based weapon was the winner. Unfortunately, the holiday season came along with the Thrill and Chills update, and their work was not finished as planned. At the start of the new year, the weapon was finished and called the CMD 14 Cryo Mass Driver 14 or simply Cryo gun for short. Unfortunately again, the lastest update was the "final" update Killing Floor would have received and even with the 2nd planned to get the weapon whitelisted, it did not happen.

Data mining for Killing Floor 2 shows that character refer to 1 of the many unreleased weapons as freezing and ice gun. This suggest that the weapon will most likely make a return in some form in a future update for Killing Floor 2.

HD Katana[edit]

Though more of a edited texture, the Katana does have a unused higher resolution texture inside the game's files. Theory may have been that this high-res texture would be barely noticeable. Unlike most berserker melee based weapons, the HD Katana did not have a bloody texture variant, suggestion the idea for a high-res sword was scrapped.

Camo M4 203[edit]

With the release of the Camo weapon pack, the M4 was given a digital desert camouflage retexture. The texture however is the same texture map used by the M4 203. Most likely not given would be the fact that this would have been the only DLC weapon pack to give player 5 weapons instead of the normal 4.

M4 203 with Sight[edit]

Never corrected by Tripwire, the M4 203's trader icon show it with both the 203 grenade launcher attachment along with the CompM2 scope. Unsure if this was originally the plan for the weapon until split to balance the weapon out.


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