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Jan 2014[edit]

I won't have access to the game for the time being, so I guess I'll spend some time cleaning up the wiki. It is NOT my intention to vandalize the wiki or to turn this into my personal blog, so I'm explaining the reasons / rationale behind some of the changes I'll be making here. ..

If you have any issues with the changes, I'm open for discussion. :-) (Lets keep it civil please, I'm not here to start a war.)

1) Remove useless comparisons between weapons. E.g. "Gun X is the 3rd most expensive weapon after gun Y & gun Z..." Reason: Its not very useful, but yet very maintenance intensive. Every time Tripwire add a new weapons pack or change the prices of weapons, someone has to go and update ALL the comparisons. E.g. "Gun X is NOW the 5th most expensive weapon after gun Y & gun Z & newly added gun A & gun B etc etc..."

2) Standardize the content sequence for weapons. General Description -> Statistics -> Tactics -> Advantages/Disadvantages Reason: It is pointless to talk about subjective stuff such as tactics, advantages/disadvantages BEFORE we present the viewer with objective facts such as weapons damage, reload time, etc.

3) Added Base Damage to the Sharpshooter weapons tables. Reason: Hopefully, the damage tables will correct the misconception that sharpshooters have increased bodyshot damage with pistols & rifles. Besides, I find the figures useful when checking which sidearm can 1 shot a crawler on which difficulty.

More to be added later. (I hope)